Diptyque Friends and Family 8/9/14

This past weekend my cousin and I attended the Diptyque Friends and Family Event in South Coast Plaza on August 9, 2014. I’m admittedly late to the game as Diptyque perfumes have been around for ages, but I’m glad I found scents that I like from this company. When I received the email that the Costa Mesa store was hosting an event I was excited to attend and watch the proceedings.

Guests were invited to sample scents and ask questions about the products. We also heard about the upcoming new releases and dates for pre-orders.
Milling about. 🙂
Food spread! For some reason, cheese and melon slices are really tasty one after the other (is that odd?)

Delicious refreshments. I’m not very well-versed in wine at all, but I liked what I sipped. As we stood about and chatted I took the opportunity to look about the store more closely:

Colored candles and the hourglass diffusers on display.

I am not entirely sure what this blossom is but they were in vases all over the store. It didn’t seem to have a scent, but then again the entire store is oozing fragrance so it might have been overpowered by the items around it.

Not sure what these plants are called, but they felt like stiff cardboard blossoms. They are real though–these were in a vase with water.

We arrived near the start of the event, but apparently there was a good gathering of people there, according to the staff I spoke with. Here I am with Raven, whose customer service and product knowledge I admire. When I came in last year to sample the scents she was patient at explaining their product range to me and with her help I was able to identify a few fragrances to try. I’m really grateful that she is very approachable and knowledgeable, as I am a neophyte in the fragrance realm. It really helps when you’re able to take samples home and see what wears well and what doesn’t work. I definitely would not have bought anything without significant testing–I think I waited a month and a half after my first visit to make a decision on what I really liked.

Thank you Raven for your knowledge and hard work!

I’ve come up with a layering combination that I feel fits the person that I am now. To me, fragrance is as personal as it gets–ideally only the people in my direct space experience it, so I hope that whatever I put on not only goes with my body chemistry but also fits with my personality and image. I find that I seem to prefer fruit-based, citrusy scents with complementary woodsy/spicy notes for personal fragrance, and  vanillas mixed with berry scent for soaps/candles. I also like yuzu, grapefruit, and ylang-ylang components, but not all fragrances with these ingredients work well on me.

I cannot also ignore how scents can evoke memories/associations. My old perfumes remind me of a certain time in my life. Davidoff Cool Water Woman is middle school and high school–a very unisex, almost borderline masculine smell on me. I probably spied it in a Seventeen magazine and it was the least cloying/sticky-smelling scent, so tomboy teen me gravitated to that. The college years were spent wearing Clean Fresh Laundry–a light soapy smell that some people dislike, because it reminds them of detergent, but reminded me of the early morning and was calming to breathe in. Now I notice I’m gravitating to spice/fruit/vanilla: the fruit reminds me of the clean, fresh youthful scents I preferred, but the other two are new arenas to explore.

I almost got carried away philosophizing re: fragrances and self-perception when I’d rather hear how others determine their signature scent. I’ll probably continue to wear Clean Fresh Laundry until my stash runs out, but then I’d like to have a different everyday fragrance and then maybe something more experimental/expressive. Do you have a default, daily fragrance or several rotating choices? What are your favorite scent profiles or ingredients?


12 thoughts on “Diptyque Friends and Family 8/9/14

  1. This looks like a fun event, Diptyque stuff is a tad pricey for me though! I don’t actually wear a fragrance at the moment, but scents (or smells in general) definitely evoke memories really easily for me. I used to wear this cherry blossom perfume in high school and sniffing that again takes me right back, haha.

    1. It is definitely an investment/treat. I like that I feel pretty/special when I put it on, but I wish the eau de toilettes stayed on a little longer. (I guess that’s the inherent nature of EDTs, it’s a short-wearing scent.)

  2. I don’t have the nose for fine fragrances. But I wear some cheapo (VS, bath & body, ulta) vanilla whatever. Ideally I would like to smell like a coconut. I have a massive bottle of Dior Homme Eau Noire that’s still practically full 5 years later. But for some stupid reason I can’t bring myself to sell it because I like the bottle, even though there’s absolutely nothing special about it.

    1. I like Bath and Body’s shea butter cashmere? vanilla smelling lotions. It’s too sweet to wear now, but I remember liking it a few years ago.

      Wow, that Dior Homme Eau Noire is serious fine fragrance. $300 eek!

      1. the nozzle comes in it’s own dust bag, quite fou-fou. It wasn’t that much when I bought it (I think??), but it was still pretty expensive. when in vegas… haha. ;P

      2. Ooh, I have yet to Vegas-shop! I haven’t been back since I was six–hardly an exciting time for a child. Though I think I did enjoy the water fountains and lights.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! I really like Dyptique’s scents, although their items are slightly overpriced (especially the candles). They have a wide range of perfumes though, and I think it’s a good way to figure out what type of scents we are most attracted to.

    It’s an interesting question though – why are we attracted to certain scents and not others? What does it have to do with? Personality? Taste? Memories of childhood scents or moments? I know I like citrus scents in summer and spicy scents in winter, but I couldn’t really explain why. I think I’m still looking for “my” perfume though. I’d love to find something that is spicy but light at the same time – most spicy perfumes are very strong and pungent (what they call the “oriental” perfumes). I have purchased a few in the past, still have a couple of unfinished bottles in my bathroom cabinet, but never yet found the one that is obvious, making me think I’ll never buy another one again.

    1. Re: scents and tendencies–I find a lot of florals very overwhelming. If it makes me want to scratch my nose, it’s not going on me. I seem to gravitate to scents with two profiles–either citrus or vanilla, then with a second base like a spicy or woodsy note. I think it’s because I haven’t formed any associations (either physical or emotional) with those scents–floral scents remind me of when I’d get hugged by other people and their perfume would stay on me and it was invariably a floral scent. Maybe I’m allergic to this? I know fresh cut grass makes me have the same itchy-nose reaction.

      I could easily see myself developing a thing (if I don’t already) for fine fragrances. Eek. For the sake of my poor wallet, I hope it shall remain a very nice self-care treat 🙂

  4. ooh i’m with you on florals being overwhelming. only bought my first rose-based fragrance this year (chloe roses) which i found wasn’t as old-fashioned or as cloying like the name implies. my go-to is creed’s silver mountain water, it’s actually a mens/unisex ragrance and it was inspired by the maker’s love of skiing/french alps. it opens with some nice citrus / bergamot notes so you might like this – i often get stopped by women (lol) asking me what i’m wearing. designer fragrances can be expensive but my first bottle lasted me a good 3 years (you need less) so it worked out ok. i’m curious about fresh clean laundry now 🙂

    1. I should have spritzed on some Creed stuff when I was in LA–I found a boutique that carried 4-5 different Creed fragrances (I didn’t see if Silver Mountain Water was one of them.) Next time!

      Clean Fresh Laundry has an almost powdery after-note but I personally love it. It was (and still is) my go-to when I just want to smell, well, fresh and clean. It retails in the US for about $70–hopefully the Sephoras in Sydney have it so you can test it out! I also like Clean’s UItimate (unisex) and Provence (ahh! discontinued?!) Provence for sure smells very soapy, but I liked blending it with Fresh Laundry.

      I have yet to be stopped for my perfume–I notice that even EDP’s burn off quickly on me. What gives, oils?

  5. I’ve always been a Chanel No.5 person (dabbed, not spritzed), but recently I was thinking about how I’ve always loved the smell of sandalwood on men, and maybe I should just start wearing men’s cologne instead. I like your idea about the smell complimenting your personality and body chemistry.

    1. Pardon the lateness of this–I thought I’d responded to this. Men’s cologne is very interesting, but I haven’t tried any yet either. Sandalwood’s scent is one I’m not familiar with.

      I may be heading down a slippery $$$$ slope if I dabble in fine fragrances, hehe.

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