Reuse and rediscover.

Kali’s update on her shopping fast is really interesting because I’ve been doing some of the things she’s trying, namely: identifying seldom-used pieces and re-integrating them into the current wardrobe. Two months ago I started with these pieces, and was moderately successful with the breton shirts and olive jacket. This month, I decided to dig out these booties from March to log some miles in them. OK, maybe not quite miles, but at least wear them to work once a week or so. The experiment proved to be successful. Here’s how I put them back into my work closet:

Dress: Uniqlo x Ines de la Fressange rayon wrap dress (on sale)
Pants: Uniqlo Ultra Stretch ankle jeans
Top: old Forever21 split-neck navy blouse, old Target collaboration silver ruffle blouse
Skirt: H&M pencil skirt (similar)

I’ve been surprised by how good I feel dressing so femininely: skirts, blouses, dresses. For someone who’s railed against frippery for most of her teenage and early adult years (makeup, heels, anything I considered “fussy” wear) I’m surprised that I’ve found this level of fancy acceptable, and dare I say enjoyable. Simplicity in clean lines and minimal adornment is where I currently exist.

I also am pleased by the comfort of these shoes. Granted, working in a cubicle implies a sedentary nature, but in the short amount of time I do have to be up and about, these shoes are a dream. I have functional comfort with these booties and I could not ask for more. If Ecco ever makes pointed pumps but with this Sculptured line’s technology I’m buying a pair ASAP. My heels are springy! I think they’re some kind of rubber with a bounce to it, because walking in these are really comfortable–for a heel that is.

I’m not sure how long this phase will last, but for now I will revel in it. I’m not going to deny that I’ve been enjoying the compliments generated by adopting this classical feminine shape. Makes for an interesting conundrum–how much of our image do we manipulate to suit the environment we live in? Am I being true to my perceived self-image if I take external input into account (and apparently enjoy it?) …or maybe I’m just overthinking things and I should just be clothed and happy. I’ll take the latter.

For those of you in the United States, have an excellent Labor Day holiday! See you all next week.


7 thoughts on “Reuse and rediscover.

  1. Good on you for working your lesser-worn pieces back into your outfits! I need to try and do this.

    Your outfits look great! I find that I sort of swing between girly and boyish every couple of years. I’m currently in my boyish phase, I’ve been neglecting my skater skirts!

  2. It’s really interesting to see the slow evolution of your style. I think I already mentioned it before, but it feels like you are more confident now, more at ease in your outfits. At least that’s the impression I get from your pictures. I wonder if evolving style like this has to do with the evolution of self confidence, and how much of it is linked to the environment we evolve in (in terms of social rules, but also how other people dress and how it impact our tastes – we get inspired by what we see after all).

    Lately I’ve also felt like adding a couple more feminine elements after stripping my style down to the minimum 3 years ago – in 2013 I’ve added nail polish after buying a sample of 10 colours from OPI, more recently I’m re-introducing some earrings and rings from the past, trying, testing and balancing around. And weirdest thing: very recently, I’ve toyed with the idea of having one pair of simple black heels to balance out more masculine outfits. After banning them for years… So anyway, I didn’t mean to turn the comment into something about me, but it made me wonder how these style evolutions are linked to how we feel in our skin.

    1. I will agree that I feel more confident this year than last. Losing weight does a lot for the self-image and of course with how clothes hang. It has never been more clear to me than when I started losing weight that fashion is NOT designed for most average bodies. It favors certain builds (tall and straight.) Now that I’ve seen myself go through several sizes, I laugh because I don’t think I really fit in anything off-the-rack during my weight loss. At first it was my torso and waist not matching up with standard American sizing (chest/shoulders petite, but waist/hips were standard “size 8” or 10) and now my current body definitely needs the petite sizing to get proportions (especially in the body and length of skirts/dresses) right.

      I am evolving (lol Pokemon?) and I feel and see it. My brain is catching up to this new image, it doesn’t quite understand it yet. Maybe it’s overall maturity? It feels so arrogant to declare “that’s never for me!” when I haven’t even given it an honest chance (like stonewash ripped denim shorts.) 😀

  3. this level of fancy is just right i reckon! i like these looks, and especially the idea of rediscovering and restyling things less often worn. and i can’t believe that dress is on sale, so tempted but i get into tokyo in a week and have plans to raid uniqlo there…

    1. I love that dress. I hope it’s still in stock in Tokyo! It does get a little wrinkly (see bottom hem) but if you have a steamer and or iron and some patience, it will look really nice. I like to fold the sleeves on mine, but that’s just because I feel like my arms are short 😛

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