Uniqlo x Ines de la Fressange F/W 2014

Woke up this morning to an email about the new Ines de la Fressange Fall/Winter 2014 collection. This is relevant to my interests, especially since my local Uniqlo will be opening tomorrow, September 5th. Not sure that the brand-new store will have the released collection available, but I’m planning to check these out in-person when they do arrive.


Coat: IDLF Tweed Chester Coat, $129.90
Sweater: Extra Fine Merino Striped Sweater, $39.90
Trench: IDLF Trench Coat, $129.90 (because I want to be just like #fenlock but never will! I can try!)
Sweatshirt: Sweat Long Sleeve Pullover, $39.90

Interestingly the Tweed Chester Coat reminds me a lot of the Lands End boiled-wool coat I already own, at least in cut and length. My coat now is too big for me, so it will need alterations before I can wear it this year.

Have you had a peek at the IDLF fall collection yet? Does anything strike your fancy?


7 thoughts on “Uniqlo x Ines de la Fressange F/W 2014

  1. Funnily enough right after I read the post I got an email from Uniqlo Australia about this collection! Well, it doesn’t appear to have the same things because we’re heading into summer here. I quite like the look of that sweatshirt and sweater, neither of which seem to be in the Aus collection though!

  2. Oh I did see that collection too! It went on sale started yesterday so I’m afraid the best pieces are already gone in my size (and by the end of my fast there will be nothing left for sure, a good exercise in fighting the sense of urgency…). There were a lot of interesting pieces: nice little shirts, tweed jackets, tapered pants… I don’t know if that’s a reaction to the more draped, casual summer outfits or if it is the “back to school” feeling but I’m always attracted to more tailored and put together outfits in Autumn… Let us know if you get anything for yourself this time too 🙂

    1. Did you see anything you like, Kali?

      I’ll be checking it out later today after work. I’m looking out for dresses and skirts–I’ve got too many jeans to deal with. And I’m saturated on knits! (but I still want an Extra Fine Merino v-neck anyways.)

      IDLF has some interesting black dresses that are slated to come out late fall that I’m going to check out as well 🙂

      Here comes the season of trouble and strained wallets!

      1. The season of trouble indeed 🙂 I was very attracted to the tweed jackets from this collection – there is a particular model in camel and chocolate brown that I just love! But I already have a camel brown coat for colder days, and a camel leather jacket for warmer days so I’ll pass on that one. I may find a spot for a chocolate brown jacket in my closet, but by the end of the fast it will be gone… No matter, I’m sure there is a perfect jacket waiting for me somewhere, someday 🙂

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