Workweek 9/8-9/12

And another week comes to a close. I sort of enjoy this casual-OOTD snapping, it’s more true-to-life than setting up the tripod at home after work. A lot of the time I don’t even get home until late because of errands or going to dinner, so it makes more sense to me to capture these clothes as I am living in them.


Monday: Carhartt beanie, Muji poplin shirt, Uniqlo Ultra Stretch ankle jeans, Nike Lunarglide 4+
Tuesday: JCrew buttondown, Gap striped skirt
Wednesday: Uniqlo AIRism scoopneck tee, Cotton On skirt
Thursday: JCrew seersucker sundress
Friday: H&M Basics maxidress

Monday gave us some freak rain which wreaked havoc on my hair. I guess wearing a beanie in 85F + humidity makes no sense, but my hair was going haywire and I thought slapping a hat on it would tame it–it didn’t. But I always feel cool in my orange beanie, so on it went. Tuesday’s blues were an unexpected fun combo–I will definitely re-wear this outfit to work in the summers, along with the jacquard dot popover variationย from last month. I still have my menswear-cravings, but JCrew’s aesthetic isn’t quite where I am anymore. This is a way to keep those pieces in use, and I’m glad I still like this look, though I would only wear it to work now.

The last three days were an experiment–I definitely felt like the temperature was cooler in my white dress (much discovery!) but the seersucker fabric is a little stiff is not as comfortable as the stretchy AIRism and cotton fabrics of Wednesday and Friday respectively.

In conclusion: I have more than proven that I can wear black in the summer. If only white didn’t attract food stains, the world would be perfect.

For those of you heading into the upcoming heatwave with me in Southern California, let us all stand firm–in the shade, with iced coffee.ย Have a great weekend!


11 thoughts on “Workweek 9/8-9/12

    1. That’s the one that gets me the most +1 votes at work too. Though everyone says I look like I belong in the countryside for some reason (I walk outside with a straw hat tied around my chin during my breaks.)

      Ughhh that hemline needs ironing :/

  1. Ooh I love #2! And the sundress is so so pretty. But yeah I would ruin a white dress haha. Most of my wardrobe is darker colours so I wear those in summer, works most of the time (granted, I avoid going outside if it just gets *too* hot!)

    1. Me too! #2 was a surprise “huh, this totally works, I should do this more often!” And when I wear that sundress I’m extra paranoid about ketchup and the like. That day I ate spaghetti and was constantly looking down at my chest and lap to make sure I hadn’t missed anything ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I like this series of posts, it’s interesting to see your outfits in situ – and evolving over the months. Also interesting to see the differences of weather across the world. Although we’ve had a very warm and sunny September here (relative to the usual weather of course, nowhere near California heat). I like your Wednesday outfit – very simple yet very pulled together ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you Kali! My Instagram feed makes me laugh when I see you guys in Europe post about boots and scarves. I won’t even get to see those until November!

      Wednesday’s outfit was a great one–the AIRism scoop neck top has not been available in the US for the last 2 months now, maybe three (I should have jumped on that really) so this top is extra special because my mother brought it back for me from Asia, where they still have some stock. It’s a bit sheer as you can sort of see (oops) for work, but -shhh- I’m ok with that. I love these tops, and there’s probably non-Uniqlo variants of the same stuff, but it fits me and I can afford it! Win.

  3. I love a good hat that makes you feel fabulous. I have short hair, so I can’t tie it up and a hat is often the best bet. The short, black dress is my favorite of the grouping. I like the photo series, but I like your other pictures too.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

    1. Thank you Abby! I used to have a pixie cut five years ago, and it was great for the weather, but bad hair days were harder to hide, like you said. Too bad I didn’t think of hats back then!

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