I’ve been at the beach for most of this week because our temperatures have just been insane. Yesterday, however, the heat and general exhaustion caught up to me and I stayed home to rest. Not that there was much more relief at home–it’s been warm as all get, but the comfort of home allows me to breathe a little more deeply and unwind.

When I step through the door, it seems as if half the tension goes away the moment I kick my shoes off and pad into the room.


Tank and belt: Target Mossimo
Jeans: hand-me-down distressed Express boyfriend cut jeans
Watch: Casio A158W-1


I took off some 4-5 inches off my hair (not that it’s immediately visible, but I know the difference) and it feels funny. My ponytail is a fraction lighter, and I’m dealing with less tangles overall, but I miss the crazy navel-grazing mermaid hair I was toting around. It will grow back soon enough, but human nature is fickle and silly. It will grow back sooner than I can even blink (like in three months or so.)

I also am trying out the addition of this timepiece to my daily wear:


The Casio A158W-1 is another one of my pseudo-streetstyle, hipster purchases (see Carhartt beanie of 2013) with definite #normcore-ish leanings. The everyman’s (and woman’s) unisex watch is available for $19.99 at Target. Chalk this one up to Tumblr and looking at menswear/streetwear blogs. The Apple Watch that was announced a week ago is somewhat clunky looking, and I wanted a simple timer for running and a watch I can take into the water with me. That’s what I tell myself, but this was purely an ego-stroking purchase. I’m not 100% sure yet that the watch will stay; I’m generally annoyed by things hanging off my wrists (bracelets I cannot deal with, I snag them on things all the time. Like my hair.) However, in the last few days I’ve been sporting it it’s been an un-intrusive, dare I say elegant addition to my person, and it survived Huntington Beach just fine thanks to that water resistance rating. We’ll see if the Casio stays; so far, so good.

It’s supposed to cool down starting today, but not by much–temperatures will still be in the high 80s-low 90s in my town. I’m getting tired of wearing the same two skirts and maxi dress, but I don’t even want to entertain the idea of pants until it goes back down to 75F. I hope it will all pass quickly. Have a great rest of the week! Onward and forward we go.


13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Very nice, you do look quite and “breezy” on the picture. I can’t imagine how it must be to stand that kind of heat at the end of summer. It is sometimes useful to come home and take a break though 🙂

    1. It’s even cheaper on Amazon, but I don’t want to return and re-order just to save a buck or two. How’s your weather coming along? It should be warming up soon for you, right?

  2. Love the watch, the whole look, and especially your hair – so beautiful! I don’t do well in extreme heat (which we don’t get much of here in England, luckily for me) so I feel your pain. It’s cooled down dramatically here in the last few weeks, so I’m enjoying being wrapped in jumpers again.

    You look so fit and healthy! All that time spent outdoors doing walking/climbing/adventuring definitely pays off – I need to get my butt in gear and do some of the same! 🙂

    1. Thank you! My hair is my upper body accessory, if you will. It also really doesn’t play well with dangly earrings or necklaces. I am excited for this year’s sweater weather, though we don’t have lush foliage like you guys get. I want leaves!

      Fen, you’re already pretty fit! I know you’re dancing and swimming 🙂 I want to do those too.

  3. I almost didn’t recognise you in a pair of boyfriend jeans – I am so used to seeing you wearing something dark and fitted! But I have to say, you pull off this look beautifully and what a lucky score having been given those.

    1. Thank you, Sue. I do wear a lot of skinny dark jeans! My aunt has an amazing closet and she sometimes lets me shop her discards 🙂 These jeans and also a pair of white skinnies were winners (I wore the white Gap jeggings in early September on the blog.)

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