Workweek 9/29 – 10/3



Monday: MUJI cable cardigan, Uniqlo Heattech long sleeved shirt, Target Mossimo ankle pants
Tuesday: Lands End petite no-iron shirt (broadcloth here), Target Mossimo ankle pants
Wednesday: JCrew Factory classic buttondown shirt in gingham, Target Mossimo ankle pants
Thursday: old Uniqlo poly ruffle dress
Friday: Zella racerback tank (similar), Cotton On mini skirt

This week in workwear: I was largely uninspired this week and was in a pants rut for the first half of the week until the heatwave hit on Thursday. Tuesday’s combo was my favorite, even though I feel that the shirt is too big: somehow, scrunching up the arms like so made the whole look more palatable. I still want to find a non-sagging, good pair of work pants/slacks, and get at least two properly fitting white oxford shirts, as I do like the IDLF/Emmanuelle Alt-y ness of the whole look. Hah, here I am again ascribing people to particular images.

I was struck this week by how much I’m learning about myself while I get dressed for work. I notice that the clothes that get the most repeats are the ones that allow me to move freely and wick sweat easily. In particular, I’d like to thank that Uniqlo polka dot ruffle dress for taking a beating. Yesterday was fun in that I biked to work for the first time in a long time, probably about a year or so. I wore these Nike shorts underneath and sped off with Runkeeper tracking my time and distance. It was really fun! It took maybe a few more minutes to get to work, but I arrived with a nice sparkly flush on my skin (cause Queen Bey would say I’m FLAWLESS, naturally.) Maybe I’m not always the most pressed-and-starched looking employee, but I’m not afraid to crawl under desks to plug cables in and I’m not worried about ripping/staining something too precious when I have to lift boxes or set up tables for meetings. I like best clothes that allow me to work and play but still keep a modicum of propriety and style. Now to find more of those easy going dresses–they’re hard to come by!



13 thoughts on “Workweek 9/29 – 10/3

    1. sizing varies so much @ zara. I recommend trying it on. Mango can be good too. I have 1 pair of zara pants that I’ll keep forever, since I take that to my tailor to have her recut pants to that shape.

      Also I just bought these @ BR:
      And I LOVE them. I wore them to work. And these from their outlet earlier in the year:
      They had some kind of crazy sale that I got them for $18. I’m always shocked when I can fit into a pair of pants @ BR.

      1. You are SO good at bargain-hunting!

        I still haven’t made it to Zara/BR/Mango this fall so pants-hunting will be a definite trip for me. That drapey pant is quite elegant; I may not have the heels to pull it off though. Still worth a look-see; hopefully the Petites section will have a few pairs to try on.

        How’s the BR Factory quality of garments? I am digging through their dress selections, this looks compelling:

        I want to figure out a closed-toed pump that I won’t die in. Right now I only have my heeled Ecco bootie but sometimes I want something more delicate. Also want a nude pump. *schemes*

  1. What kind of materials do you find are most breathable/wick sweat the best? Summer’s coming up here and I always have so much trouble dressing for it if I need to be something other than casual!

    You’re working the white shirt well! I can’t help but feel like a waiter when I try and wear my white shirt with dark trousers haha.

    1. I hate to be that person who drank the Uniqlo Kool-aid, but I really like the AIRism tanks and tees they put out (now having owned both that is.) I think I like the tank better, but both do dry quickly. After that, I am a fan of rayon and light cotton/cotton lawn, but overall I feel like I look more rumply in the summer. At least for the office that is.

      Ugh to find more rayon dresses!

      1. 🙂 Let me know what you think. Hopefully your store has a few to try on–I found that the XS fit me better; the S was too long in the torso.

  2. I think the quality is pretty good on BR items.
    Re: the slouchy pants, they don’t need heels. I wear mine w/ flats and I’m not tall. There’s an elastic on the hems to keep them up too.

  3. Really enjoying this week’s looks, #2 and #3 in particular! Sorry I’m a bit late to the party – work has been a bit mental. I get that Emanuelle Alt vibe too. Have you got a pair of black loafers? That would really nail it with that pant length. I love your glasses hanging from that white shirt where you have your hair slicked back – a very tomboy look but still decidedly feminine 🙂 I almost always scrunch up my shirt sleeves (thankfully I don’t actually have a dress code at work) and I feel that always make me feel a little less… office? If that makes sense!

    1. I have black oxfords/brogues. My penny loafers are mahogany, so that will be for a different look instead (I’m thinking cable knit camel sweaters or tweed.)

      I scrunch up sleeves too–especially if I’m just wearing the shirts solo (no cardi or blazer up top; it just feels less stuffy. Also I tend to wear the top button closed so at least one detail has to be relaxed or I feel like I’m in a straight jacket.

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