Acquisitions: September 2014

As you may have heard me wail all month long, it’s been crazy warm in Southern California for the last few weeks, delaying my switch over to sweaters and keeping me firmly in “No Pants Week” at workย (well, save for Monday in that link.) I didn’t do too bad this month–I kept a pretty close rein on expenditures, inspired by Kali’s shopping fast (here’s her latest update.) Here’s what I ended up buying for the month of September:

Crocs Meleen in black/gray, Casio A158W-1, Uniqlo Sweat Long Sleeve Pullover
Uniqlo sweatshirt, that beloved striped Gap skirt, and my new favorite sandals.

Of all the three items, the Crocs sandals were probably the most needed. I have a pair that I use at home, but I’ve been going to the beach quite often. It’s been cumbersome trying to remember to bring the sandals with me to work, where I leave straight for the beach, so I decided a few paychecks back that I would dedicate some finances toward a pair to store in my car. I first ordered the Cleo sandal from Amazon, but I don’t know if it’s just the sandal itself, but that particular design felt flimsy and non-supportive. I sent it back and went to the Crocs outlet near me and found the Meleenย model.ย I might have paid a little more at the outlet: $34 with 20% off first purchase after joining the mailing list. It’s about $25 on Amazon. I’d usually go for the cheaper price, but my experience at the Crocs outlet versus buying them off of Amazon teaches me that even within the same model, production may influence fit and how firm the rubber feels on your foot. If you were to buy Crocs, ย I suggest handling them in person before you buy, or at least buy from a seller that has good return policies.

I look like I’m chewing something, or I’m about to laugh.

I won’t wax poetic about my watch (the Casio A158W-1), but here I was doubting whether I’d like it or not. I love my little watch. It goes with me into the waves. It keeps time in the shower. I like the way it goes with everything I own, and yet I didn’t break the bank for it. It makes me feel cooler than I really am. I ended up gushing about it anyway, oh well! Let’s talk about the sweatshirt instead: it’s soft and comfortable inside! It’s got these small loops which I generally find to be itchy on my skin, but Uniqlo’s model is soft and light from day 1.

Overall I’ve been quite pleased with the last few purchases I’ve made–small treats like the watch and sweatshirt make life fun; the sandals support my hobby of flailing around in the surf and tracking sand everywhere. I find that being truly mindful of my motivation for wanting an itemย is helpful in identifying what I truly need vs. just having something to pass the time with. Often it’s boredom and a desire to go outside of the home and have some fun that prompts these online shopping sessions/mall crawls. Instead of going out to window shop (and subsequently spending,) I’ve been trying to replace it with grocery shopping to make food, or doing something physical like running, biking, hiking or swimming. It fulfills the need for being outside and I improve my skills. It may spur some purchases but I feel that activities and expenses related to self-improvement take priority over “swag” purchases.

Really what this all means is I give myself license to buy Nike running gear in the name of self-improvement. Heh. How are you all doing with the influx of FALL!FALL!FALL! marketing? I’m side-eyeing all the outerwear emails so hard; I won’t even get to wrap up until early November (maybe.)


8 thoughts on “Acquisitions: September 2014

  1. I want ALL of your shoes. Like, just give me a list of all the shoes you own and I am going to replicate said list for my own feet. I’m kidding (sort of) — you are just the expert of blending comfort and relaxed fashion.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  2. I’m still loving that UNIQLO sweatshirt… I’ve been thinking of getting a grey sweatshirt like that for a while but I have a fair few pullover knits which would function the same in terms of warmth so I’m still torn on that! If that sweatshirt comes to UNIQLO here I might cave haha.

    1. I got mine for $19.99 because they were having a Grand Opening promotion on them ๐Ÿ™‚ Like you I also have similar sweatshirts already, but not that color…and light gray is so #normcore trendy right now. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. I like how you integrated your little purchases into your life, they really feel used and loved already. And thanks for the link love ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You’re welcome! Your posts were appropriate to the topic at hand.

      The Crocs are seriously comfy–I’m delighted by the squishy foot bed, and they wash off so easily. Perfect for mucking about!

  4. Haha I’m a total pushover with Fall marketing~ I find myself searching for heavy coats and then have to stop myself and say…I don’t live in Antarctica anymore lol. But still, I love Fall so I’m glad everyone makes it into a big deal! Love your outfit, I was just in Uniqlo yesterday and would’ve picked up one of those sweatshirts if I hadn’t already picked up 2 items that I didn’t expect to get >.<

    1. That’s Uniqlo for you ๐Ÿ˜› Sometimes I’ll write a list of things I expect to like/try on/buy and end up considering something completely different.

      I am hoping I don’t end up liking this Urban Sweat Pullover with the notches or else I’ll end up T_T that I didn’t jump on it when it was announced.

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