Muji Autumn/Winter 2014

I’m late to the party that is the Muji Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, but it is a lovely lookbook full of monochrome-y goodness. That was terrible. I’ll let these pictures speak for itself. I picked out my favorite looks–some of these I will definitely try to recreate with my own wardrobe.

Some of my favorites from the women’s collection.

I would wear ANY of these any day, all season. I like the rich blue skirt in the fourth look–it’s silk cotton; not sure how the washing instructions will be for that. Their wool cashmere sweater was supposedly machine-washable but it definitely shrank on me after cold-washing/air-drying. Must be more careful with wool blends, I suppose.


These three I can somewhat attempt to piece together from my own wardrobe. The look on the left is my favorite. I’ve got a gray open cable knit cardigan from the company itself that evokes that same charcoal chunky knit, I’ve got those Target ankle pants that will do for the sock-showing ankle grazing partย (oh and there’s the long MUJI cardigan on the first shot of that collage.) Cannot wait! Even the shoes–remember my old Clarks brogues I was supposed to start wearing again, yeah–don’t forget this time Kristina. Time to dust those off and get them back in rotation; my poor Gentle Souls flats have been working hard all spring and summer and need some TLC.

I also really like the chambray under the breton shirt, though I’m not sure that what I currently own will work, as my chambray shirts are oversized. Also note the subtle double-scarf/shawl action in the bottom right picture. I already have that gray Uniqlo sweatshirt; all I need is to play with the scarves I have at home.

The men’s collection is just as delicious:

Hello my new crush.

I don’t know if I’m more excited about the clothes or the guy wearing them. Swoon at all the grays and blues in this year’s lookbook ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t wait to see this collection out in Hollywood! At any rate, I’m excited by the potential ideas the lookbook suggests–lots of cotton, denim, easy-going fabric, much layering/substitution potential meaning these looks can also be spring/summer-appropriate.

What colors and fabrics call to you in the fall season? Let me know what textures, cuts, or looks have inspired you lately; I like to see what others do!


17 thoughts on “Muji Autumn/Winter 2014

  1. #goals

    It doesn’t get too cold over here, but I do try and take advantage of the weather by wearing as much wool as possible! Right now our weather is doing this thing where I can get away with wearing flannel AND shorts…

  2. Very good source of inspiration! I love the look with the characoal gray cardigan and black oxfords, looks comfortable, laid back, but still quite elegant after all. I used to have such a (shorter) characoal gray cardi from Uniqlo which I wore to death as this kind of colour goes with everything.

    This Autumn I’m all about layering – I’ve decided I’d get more wear out of my stuff if I layer short sleeved tops with knits, scarves and heattechs (underneath), instead of buying long sleeved things I only wear 3-4 months a year. I’m even testing layering loose tops over fitted ones, that’s my thing this year ๐Ÿ™‚ So you can imagine I like the layering going on in these silhouettes too…

    1. Let me know about your loose/fitted experiment! My default is to do narrow bottoms/loose tunic-like tops. I know people that can do long sleeves under short sleeved tops and look nice; I feel funny when I do that. Or when untucked shirt tails peek from under crewneck sweaters–I don’t look slouchy-elegant like the models do–I just look slouchy. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Ooh I love all these! Autumn dressing is the best! Flicking through the lookbook and I love everything haha. I think there’s a Muji down in Melbourne but I haven’t heard anything about them opening one here unfortunately!

    1. That lookbook makes up for all the moto-inspired, zippered mess going on at most of the malls this season. I also like how Muji reminds me of school uniforms which I am familiar with.

      Your long Breton striped dress would fit into this lookbook very well.

  4. Would love to see side by side photos of the inspiration photos from the lookbook vs how you translate it into real life. Loving these grays and navy blues.

    1. I may have to steal that idea! I think I could assemble such a collage, but I would just shoot from home one fine weekend.

      Man, that would be a fun project! Even if it’s just in beta at home, I could remember what pieces I put with what and then I’d have ready-made outfits for work.

  5. It looks a lot like Margaret Howell! I wish Seattle had a Muji store, I stock up on their cotton pads whenever I have a chance. Unfortunately I find all their clothing sizing really weird and never dared to just try ordering online.

    1. It does have that MH-esque vibe. Yes, I agree their sizing is all over the place. I have a black gingham short-sleeved shirt (or is it check?) from them in Small that fits excellently, and some of their Summer shirt dresses (small) fit like the Uniqlo x IDLF ones–oversized and comically too long.

      I feel that some Asian women like that oversized/loose linen dress thing (where it’s almost like an overcoat instead of a shirt dress?) but I would like something more traditionally fitted. MUJI for me IMO is a piece-by-piece “you should try it on first” basis before I’d buy, which is a shame because even their store is still some 30 miles away from me (I would online order and save myself the gas if their stuff was consistent.)

  6. the chambray under the breton jumped out immediately too. and i agree about the men’s looks.. greys and blues are definitely nice and wintery here but I think I can make it work for summer ๐Ÿ™‚ and i did run into some muji in japan but only bought their caramel popcorn. haha.

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