Workweek 10/13 – 10/17

And another October week comes to a close. Gosh this year is flying by fast! There are ever so many things to do.


Monday: JCrew Factory dotted chambray shirt (thematically similar at Gap)
Tuesday: black Gap luxlight v-neck sweater (similar), Carhartt watch cap
Wednesday: MUJI colorblock wool cashmere cardigan, old H&M men’s scarf
Thursday: old JCPenney wrap sweater with waist tie, H&M L.O.G.G. cotton plaid shirt (flannel at Uniqlo)
Friday: gray Uniqlo sweat pullover, old Target patterned scarf

Shoes and pants: same ol’ Gentle Souls Gabby flats,ย Nike Lunarglide 5+, and Uniqlo Ultra Stretch ankle jeans

I’m definitely re-wearing Wednesday’s look: here’s what the sweater looks like when not obscured by the scarf. Honestly, half of the time I feel kind of silly writing these posts now, because as the weather cools all I’m doing is adding Heattech underneath or a scarf or potentially, dare I even hope, a coat later this month. Or maybe mid-November. I’ve been burned by the heatwaves of September and early October so I won’t believe it’s fall until it’s consistently below 70F throughout the whole day.

That Carhartt beanie is a conversation-starter and I enjoy seeing how people react to me while I’m in it. Some chuckle, some do double-takes, other make snarky remarks about my resembling traffic signs or hardware, etc. But I quite like my little orange cone. Some of the outdoorsy folk at work will talk to me about the brand and its reputation for durable clothing, and others just can’t get past the bright color. I personally like the psychology at play when this happens, because I make similar jokes when people wear neon-colored sneakers. Why do we ridicule people when they wear something that stands out? It’s also probably because my workplace is pretty traditional/corporate with a lot of older workers, so fashion is interpreted differently here. I technically ought not to be wearing orange hats but I need to do something different every once in a while or else I’ll be dull.

For those of you already wrapped in coats and chunky scarves…I wish I were there with you. Instead I am dancing at finally having some cloud cover and a cool wind while biking around town. Be well and enjoy your weekend!


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