So thanks to Valerie’sย idea and a burst of energy over the weekend, I can present to you my silly little take on a “Muji” fall/winter collection. Warning: heavy plagiarization ahead. ๐Ÿ˜›

From last week’s blog post.
My headless modelling career is on its way.

Tops: MUJI Women’s Organic Cotton Wide Count Panel Stripe Long Sleeve T-Shirt (in raw white and navy), JCrew Factory dotted chambray shirt, MUJI cable knit open cardigan, Lands End Supima cardigan (in gray), Lands End Wool Walker Coat (similar at Uniqlo), Uniqlo white oxford button down shirt, Uniqlo gray sweat pullover.

Bottoms: Uniqlo Ultra Stretch denim, Target Mossimo ankle pants, old Gap blue wrinkled polyester skirt, old H&M straight leg denim.

Shoes: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole Gabby flats, Clarks “Charlie” oxfords/brogues, Ecco Sculptured 45 Ankle Bootie (2014 model), Camper Right Nina flats, old Puma Speeder IIs.

I’m happy with how neat these three looked:


My favorite part of the look on the left are the polka-dotted Heattech socks. They kept my ankles adequately warm in 40F windy DC weather, so I’m happy to recommend them to folks. The chambray shirt under a breton–well, I don’t think I have the right materials; I would want a thinner chambray shirt and I should probably tuck the ends in. My striped shirt is also too long (here I have it folded under) and when I did it the way Muji did it in their catalog I just looked boxy and shapeless. Probably not for my body type, but some of you may have better luck than I did.

My Lands End walker coat will soon be getting some wear when it cools down some more in my part of town. I’ll share a story about that coat later on this year. Overall, I’m really excited about how my closet has grown and I hope that I can create some neat outfits from what I already own and not spend so much on foundation pieces this year (running-related expenses are taking over! T_T shoes)

It gives me no small delight to be able to do this with my closet. Thank you for indulging me in my little hobby; I hope you enjoyed it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know what you think.


11 thoughts on “MUJI-esque

  1. Nice! You did the Muji lookbook justice ๐Ÿ˜€ I really need to find a Muji store to try on the clothing – my mom keeps raving about them and you’re making me want that open cardigan. Also, those Clarks shoes look like Marsell ones which costs exactly one kidney.

    1. Thank you Amanda! I think the closest one to you would be…Muji SF in SoMa? The open cardi was a 2013 release–I don’t see it currently in the lookbook. It also shrank because I handwashed it.

      I’d recommend the Clarks shoes only if your feet are narrow and skinny–these are not wide-friendly. I wouldn’t trust these for all day walking but for sedentary office work and the short (less than a mile) jaunt you’ll be fine.

  2. Very nice! How are you liking the quality of the Muji striped top? Do you think it’ll be prone to pilling, etc etc. I was thinking of purchasing it last night, but I can’t speak to Muji’s quality… but luckily you’re the expert! Haha

    1. Not having seen this year’s iteration, I can’t definitively say if it’s going to pill, but my 2013 Muji shirts are coming up on a year now (and IMO I wore them maybe 4-5 times since I bought them.) They’re doing well. I didn’t see any pilling, though the blue did fade a tiny bit (but it looks weathered like I was actually living in the shirt, lol.) I’m in the medium for these, and that’s definitely a comfy, relaxed fit. The small would probably be too narrow at the hips. These definitely run long (will cover 1/2 butt) and if it’s the same cotton material it’s a bit on the stiff side. Perfect for 75-degree weather IMO.

      I think I just saw @mujiusa announce a discount on some of their fall gear (see: so see if that reflects on the online store over the next few days. It may just be an in-store promotion but you never know!

  3. Haha I really love this! Good job working it with what you already have in your closet. I like the outfits with the striped tops especially! I think they look good on you.

  4. Yay, this is awesome! I’m impressed with how close you got on most of these. I also want to throw some love at the navy striped sweater over skirt combo. I need to try that one myself.

    1. So quick secret–that skirt is supposed to be a maxi. I rolled it up at the waist because I haven’t gotten around to having it chopped up yet. Let me know when you do try it! It’ll be a while before I send that skirt to the tailor.

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