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Earlier this year I made a joking aside to my friend that we should both find New Year’s Eve parties in SF and LA respectively to wear obscenely sparkly outfits to. Flash forward to now and while I haven’t found NYE plans just yet, there are office parties and Friendsgiving (friend-Thanksgiving) as well as family occasions to prepare for. In the past years I haven’t really felt like dressing up, opting for jeans and sweatshirts at family parties because we all end up falling asleep after Christmas lunch anyway. But this year, I want to be a little more polished, especially at work where it can’t hurt to leave a good impression leading into the new year’s performance review period. Heh.

Off-duty holiday elegance is the tone I want to strike. Knowing my habits, it will probably end up being pretty sporty where a pair of sleek black Nikes wouldn’t be out of place (note to self: actually acquire sleek Flyknits. wallet says please let us recover from New York first.) Here’s what I’ve been looking at in terms of “off duty holiday,” a mix of the casual and polished:

I especially like the last picture of the gal in the plain gold skirt. I’d use my Ecco heeled booties and black tights and I have any number of sweaters I could use for the top. I’d just need a shiny skirt. I also like the monochromatic pairings of the other two pictures–it’s subtle sparkle, not literal Christmas ornament/disco ball styling. I’ll leave the Ugly Holiday Sweater moment for goofing off with friends.

I did some preliminary scouting yesterday and came up with these lovely bits over at Banana Republic:

A shiny skirt:


I like that it’s subtle-sparkle and not HELLO SEQUINS. Not that there’s anything wrong with sequins; but I checked out a couple of bedazzled skirts and I get the feeling that it will snag on tights and be itchy to wear. I get pretty particular about what lays close to my skin. Love this skirt. Here I just have my Heattech top on but I’d like to find a slightly more opaque top to wear with it tucked like this. I also have a short-sleeved close fitting turtleneck sweater I can use but I like the v-neck, long sleeved arm look (reminds me of that gal up top in my inspiration picture.)

Paired with a comfy sweater:


Sweater: Textured Cropped Turtleneck
Skirt: Coated Shiny Mini

That turtleneck is pretty light but warm. I said I shouldn’t buy more sweaters, but I think I might buy this one. I’ll have to keep a Heattech layer between us, but the drape is lovely and the neck is not too constricting. The arms are kind of long but that’s ok–they’ll be additional protection in the cold when I head out East again. My NYC wardrobe was pretty good but if I actually had to take my coat off all you’d see would be Nike. For work, I’ll be able to wear this up until March and stay plenty warm–I envision throwing the Uniqlo ULD vest over this, jeans and boots and I’ll be set.

As for the skirt, I’m not sure yet how to remix a shiny skirt in for workwear but I do have a light gray Gap v-neck sweater that might look good tucked into it. The skirt I’m less sure about integrating into my wardrobe–I have ways to make it very very casual, but will I really want to wear what is effectively a white skirt? Can I even keep myself from dropping stuff into my lap?

What do you think? How do you dress for the holidays? Do you have a tried-and-true dress or top that gets you through the party season?


17 thoughts on “Holiday style

  1. That skirt seems pretty limiting wardrobe wise. I think if you want something shiny & sparkly for the season, go for costume jewelry or accessories (scarves, belts, etc..) and then wear them against a black backdrop.

    1. I’m even less likely to wear jewelry. A scarf maybe. My family tends to run their heat high (come on guys it’s Southern California it’s NOT cold) during parties so most outerwear/layers come shedding off once I’m in the house.

      It’s not too sparkly, thank goodness; just a very subtle gold sheen when the fabric flexes. I’ll try and come up with 5-6 outfits with it–it will be a challenge, and if I can find a niche for it the skirt can stay.

  2. I think it works as a holidays party skirt, I like how it’s subtle! I kinda wish I were going to a party where I could wear something sparkly to as well, haha.

  3. What about a black sequined skirt? A possible stain wouldn’t be as noticeable and it might blend better with the rest of your clothes. (I’m new to your blog, hi!)

    1. Hello! I’m glad you’re here. A black sequin skirt would be an option; I asked some of my family members with extensive closets if they have one I could borrow. I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to commit to that level of sparkle just yet though 🙂

  4. I love the skirt~ I think you could totally wear it regularly (well I would!). Really like the subtle sparkle like you were saying~ I have exactly one HELLO-SEQUIN skirt that I bought two years ago and it’s really hard to find occasions to wear it, but that skirt I would totally wear~~ great picks ❤

    1. The sweater is already integrated into the wardrobe ❤ and I would love another but this cool weather isn't really going to hold for long. I actually tried on the skirt with other stuff in my closet and it looks more likely that it might stay–I'll share that hopefully later this week!

    1. Well at least in Southern California we have had years where it was 80 out until 5 pm…so a breezy white dress rec isn’t too farfetched. I took some sweaters and tops from my closet and wore it with this skirt, so hopefully I’ll get that up on the blog and maybe see what else would be good to try with it.

  5. Coming late to the discussion, but I wanted to say I actually like the skirt 🙂 I agree that it isn’t as versatile as a black outfit with “holiday” accessories but this kind of light golden colour is still neutral enough to be worn with a number of other colors (navy blue, red, green, brown…) and I think you could make it your go-to special occasions piece and pair it differently every time!

    I myself have opted for the accessory options suggested above: I have a beige & gold scarf that I bought for my cousin’s wedding, a similarly gold little crossbody pouch and a pair of bronze gold heels bought for another wedding last year. I have invested little by little but these 3 pieces now make my go-to event pieces, either with a black dress, or black pants with dressy top, or even to dress up something more casual for less formal events. I think the versatility part is important, and if you are not too much of an accessory person this skirt can equally do the job I think 🙂

    1. I like the skirt a lot too, but what Pret a Porter P was saying is what I was worried about–can this work with my existing closet? The color is within the light gold family of shoes that I do prefer, so that is a point in the “it stays” column. I do like to wear these types of miniskirts, so that’s another potential niche for it to occupy. Cons: the light color (I prefer dark bottoms), and while it’s hand-washable the gold flecking may or may not stand up to the test of time and me moving around in it (potential damage.)

      I’m definitely not an accessories person; I forget things if they’re not lashed onto my body or if I’m not otherwise wearing them, which makes dressing 10x more crucial, because that’s all I’ve got on. I’ll do a bag (crossbody, usually) and shoes.

      A nice little formal-type crossbody pouch would be wonderful. It’s on my “If I see it” list, but there hasn’t been one that has cropped up yet.

      Glad to see you back online Kali! Can’t wait to hear about Thailand.

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