New York in Motion

I might not be able to ever finish my photos on New York at the rate I’m going…I have over 6 GB of shots and I’m feeling overwhelmed with my editing. Here are some GIFs I made from NYC. There’s so much to do in the city and so little time; if I could do it all over again I’d just film the constant movement. It’s just as they say in the movies; the city never slows down. It’s nothing like Los Angeles or San Francisco or Washington DC; it is its own kind of beast. I’m glad I was able to see it in my youth. I want to come back and see more of Brooklyn, Queens, or Harlem. Manhattan, you sure are something.


This is Grand Central Terminal on a weekday rush hour.


Times Square on a Saturday night.


The early morning sky over the Flatiron Building.


A quiet afternoon at Brooklyn Bridge Park, looking out toward Manhattan.

I hope that was enjoyable and not terribly slow on your browsers! ๐Ÿ™‚


11 thoughts on “New York in Motion

    1. Great eyes! I didn’t even see that guy! Going inside Grand Central Terminal is definitely recommended. It feels Harry-Potterish but also very very big. I stayed for three hours wandering the halls and eating in the shops.

      It boggles the mind to think of how many people have passed through there. Where have they gone? My fanciful mind imagines that at least one person from every country in the world (literally at least one) in the years that the terminal has been open has probably passed through as a traveler at one point in time. Do you think that’s possible? Or maybe I’m just having a moment.

      As for Times Square, the one time is all I need. Far too many bodies. I can’t believe people congregate their for New Year’s Eve. -eek- If I could fly, I’d swoop over Times Square, but walking it was somewhat stress-inducing.

  1. i LOVED these! The first one reminds me of Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, it’s just an insane amount of people who for some inexplicable reason all know exactly where they’re going! I’ve never been to NYC and I’d love to one day. Thanks for sharing these – I know you had fun making them ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Now that’s a crossing worth doing (and seeing from above!) When I was in the Terminal, I first got onto the balconies to have a look around (and to map my next move.) Walking down below where the people are does feel like swimming in a school of fish (or what I would imagine it would feel like.) This is quintessential New York–you keep moving, and you pick a place to go (even if it’s just get out of the way.) You never stop moving.

      It’s something else. Thank you Steph! to me these sorts of trips are even more worth their weight afterwards, when you realize how much you saw and did. I was there. I saw something I don’t see everyday. (guh, I sound super lame.)

      All this really means is I have to keep traveling. One day, Japan. I really want to go.

  2. I like that you said “I was able to see it in my youth”.

    I have been to nyc only once, but like you, I feel lucky to have seen it in my “youth”. I remembered that I only realized what does it mean by “concrete jungle” when I and my friend back-packed there. We even ‘brave’ enough to arrive by train at night time and search for hostel. That’s an experience I never forget. – I Ying

    1. Hehe, was it silly of me? I just feel like NYC is a city for the restless. So much energy, so much passion. But it’s definitely exhausting if you’re not used to it.

      Arriving in the early morning (5 am) and walking around in the dark is something I can relate to. And the subway stations have multiple exits too so you better know which way you want to leave! I definitely ended up walking an extra half-block just because I exited south of where I needed to be.

  3. I love these! Haha I always end up taking more photos than I know what to do with when I’m travelling.

    I actually weirdly really liked Times Square. I have a thing for touristy locations really, and I think all the bright lights and signs reminded me of Shanghai’s shopping streets. Also I was in NYC alone and didn’t know anyone, so being around lots of tourists made me feel a bit better I guess, haha. Definitely wouldn’t try and do NYE there though!

    1. I can see what you mean by wanting to be around people–strangely enough, while I avoid interaction like the plague around home, I weirdly enjoy talking to people when I’m traveling. It boggles the mind. They’re no less scarier at home than elsewhere!

      Shanghai must be one hell of a beast. Is it fairly safe to travel China alone as a non-Chinese speaking person? I don’t really like tour buses or rigid itineraries.

      1. Hmm I actually couldn’t answer that! I’ve only ever been to China with my parents who are from there. Not sure about safety (I’ve never felt unsafe in Shanghai, there are always people around) but it’d probably be difficult as I don’t think English is as commonly spoken as somewhere like Europe. Hong Kong would be alright though!

    1. I hope you do! I shot videos with my phone and then edited them in Photoshop, but I know there’s also stop motion applications for smartphones that will let you compile stills into a short GIF.

      I’d love to see what you cook up! ๐Ÿ˜€

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