“A 7Leaves Winter” Contest

Disclaimer: All the thoughts and opinions below are my own. I was not compensated by 7Leaves Cafe for this blog post.

Today’s post is a slight deviation from my usual rambling, so bear with me! I’ve been up to no good on Instagram, but this is the first time my flailing efforts have actually netted me something tangible. I’ve been skirting around the coffee world for a few years now, but I didn’t really drink it until late last year when my friends bought me iced Vietnamese coffee with milk (ca phe sua da.) Since then I’ve been working my way slowly through the many iterations that the lovely brew presents itself in.

My favorite place to get iced Vietnamese coffee (and other delicious teas) is at 7Leaves Cafe. With locations in Garden Grove, Cypress, Tustin, and soon Fountain Valley, this booming little coffee and tea shop is steadily increasing its presence in Orange County. I visited their original location in Garden Grove (Westminster and Kerry) sometime last year and have been hooked since:

7leaves cafe
Delicious iced coffee and the occasional strawberry croissant from Cream Pan!

7Leaves Cafe is currently running a photo contest on their Instagram called #A7LeavesWinter. How to participate:

  1. Follow @7leavescafe_ on Instagram.
  2. Take a picture of any 7Leaves drink of your choice, tag @7leavescafe_ and #A7LeavesWinter
  3.  Winners will be drawn every month.
  4. Prizes:
    – 7 Leaves Gift Set which includes their logo shirt, a mug, and 5 free drink gift cards,
    – A free drink to be redeemed at the location of your choice.

I’m happy to report that I won this month’s drawing for a gift set! I could not have been more pleased. I received my gift set yesterday from the lovely people at the Cypress branch, who thankfully bore my effusions with patience. They even sent me along my way with a cup of hot House Special coffee! I am pathetically simple, I will be your friend if you wave food in my face.


I’m very glad to see their growth in my hometown. For those of you in the Southern California area, drop on by any one of their locations for some good coffees and milk teas. I’m partial to the House Special coffee, but I’ve heard good things about their Sea Cream Jasmine and Strawberry Hibiscus tea. I’ve sampled the Black Halo tea and the Mung Bean and Taro Milk teas and those were great as well. For those of you who are boba fans–not only do they offer boba but also grass jelly, pudding and aloe in your drink should you wish it.

I’m quite proud of where I live, if you can’t tell. I suppose we all tend to romanticize home to a certain extent, and my blog becomes a place for showcasing that. Compared to our flashier, louder neighbor of Los Angeles, Orange County is practically sleepy and quiet. But there’s innovation here and pockets of folks doing good work. We may not have as much diversity as LA but we’re starting to grow as a region, attracting good food and businesses to set up and stay. I’m hoping this continues and that I can do my little part to support local efforts by good people.

Now with all that effort spent, I think I should go perk myself up with a cup. 🙂


4 thoughts on ““A 7Leaves Winter” Contest

    1. I call it boba tea, but outside of California “bubbles” seems to be more predominant. At any rate, I highly recommend Vietnamese iced coffee, though I wouldn’t necessarily put bubbles in it. The condensed milk or sometimes cream that is in the coffee is plenty filling 🙂

    1. You’re up north right? Unfortunately they’re all only in SoCal right now, specifically in Orange County. Should you two ever find yourselves down in my area I recommend it!

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