Workweek 12/8 – 12/12

I haven’t done one of these in a while, it seems. Let’s look at what happened this week in the wardrobe department:


Monday: Zara faux leather sherpa-lined moto jacket (thematically similar), Lands End supima cardigan sweater, Cotton On mini, Target tights, Born Valentina riding boots.
Tuesday: Uniqlo Extra Warm Heattech turtleneck, old H&M & straight leg-jeans, Target leather belt, Ecco Sculptured 45 GTX bootie
Wednesday: Banana Republic textured cropped turtleneck, old H&M & straight leg-jeans, Ecco Sculptured 45 GTX bootie
Thursday: Uniqlo Extra Warm Heattech turtleneck, Uniqlo Ultra Light Down vest, Banana Republic coated shine mini, Ecco Sculptured 75 Shoetie, Target tights
Friday: old raincoat (my grandma’s), Uniqlo Extra Warm Heattech turtleneck, Muji gray/black colorblock cashmere sweater, Uniqlo Ultra Stretch jeans (navy), Ecco Sculptured 45 GTX bootie

Mini-review of the Uniqlo Extra Warm Heattech turtleneck: it’s like regular Heattech but better. Soft and fluffy micro-fleece on the inside, same comfortable cotton-feel fabric on the outside. The neck isn’t tight at all. I wish it came up a little higher on my neck but it’s still very usable. The Extra Warm also seems a little less sheer than the regular Heattech fabric. I want a second black turtleneck for my winter uniform.

“Sparkly” skirt success: the skirt was well-received at the office luncheon.  I brought a red sweater to layer over the turtleneck but true to my color-eschewing self, I got lazy and opted to keep the vest on. Too bad I forgot to bring eyeliner in my purse–I had blush and even brought my Naked palette to work so I could jazz up my Five-Minute Face. I’m thinking of synthesizing a throw-and-go makeup/toiletries kit for these kinds of situations (or just plan better and do all my makeup before leaving the house? That is what I really should do.)

Waterproof coat musings: I used to own an LL Bean boy’s fleece-lined jacket with a waterproof shell. It was oversized, but at least it was less comical because it was from the kid’s section. I have since lost that coat, and have been borrowing from my family. My grandparents’ coats are from the 80’s and they look like I’m wearing a comforter. It works for now, as my area doesn’t really get any serious rain, but I remember now my two trips to the East and how there was a day I could have appreciated a water-repellent coat. I’m going to do some research on what features I want–packable? semi-lined? short (hip) or thigh/knee length coat? and keep an eye out for end-of-season sales. The last time I raised this point Amanda of Assembled Hazardly brought up North Face rain jackets for the waterproof-shell. If I go with that route, I’ll have to get creative with my layering scheme underneath to provide warmth. I don’t think I’m going to invest in a puffer anytime soon–there is no true need especially with SoCal living, plus as I’ve learned with Uniqlo’s inexpensive ULD line, down gets messy.

I can safely say I think Southern California is finally in what passes for “winter” around these parts, if at least evidenced by the strong rotation of boots in my daily wear and the fact that I’m not melting wearing my sweaters. Hooray for “seasons” and double hooray for the rain we’re supposed to be getting today and over the next week or so. We need all the help we can get restoring our water supply.

Have a lovely weekend and stay warm!


6 thoughts on “Workweek 12/8 – 12/12

  1. Very nice set of outfits, still very you 🙂 The skirt seems to be a success indeed, good find! I really love the brown details you have, the Zara jacket, the boots and the belt. It brings some warmth to the outfit without being “in your face”…

    1. You actually reminded me about the jacket when you talked about your mid-season coats and how you wear leather. Honestly. I put my jacket on and had a good giggle to myself.

      Do you give any credence to the “brown belt =/= black shoes” adage? I felt a little off putting the big brown belt on with those black boots, but I haven’t found a nice casual/middle of the road black leather belt yet. Ideally that belt could do double duty, but a lot of the black leather belts I’ve seen have far too dressy buckles for my liking.

      It could also be that I am overthinking this and no one cares what color belts one wears nowadays 🙂

      1. “Brown Belt Black Shoes”? I never heard of it! I assume it is telling you not to wear brown belts with black shoes? I never listen to these things, there are so many – no navy blue with black for example, is very heard of in Paris. I think the real question is: do you like it?

        I personally like this outfit a lot! The black of the shoes reminds the black of your top, and the brown belt gives it a bit of warmth 🙂 Also my everyday belt is brown so I may make this “faux pas” several times a week 🙂

      2. Silly rules, ne? I don’t really know what to make of it–and I guess if it’s a faux pas it’s one I’ll be making a lot, as I have not found a black casual belt that I’ve liked yet. As one who eschews belts in general, it hasn’t been a big priority (and I also tend to wear tops that cover the waist anyway.)

        Thank you for being here Kali! Hope your off-the-grid experiment is going well 🙂

    1. Tomorrow is my department Christmas party…I gotta wear it a couple more times this party season for maximum cost per wear! 😛

      Summer styling will be fun, especially with my stock of navy things 🙂

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