2015, salut!

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Happy New Year and welcome, 2015!

Self-reflection, particularly of the public kind, is a bit uncomfortable but I’ll try my best here. To me, 2015 isn’t so much a year of change but rather a continuation of the growth and evolution that began in 2013. I started a new job, this blog, took up running and climbing, learned a few new dishes to cook, got to know some of my family better, made new friends, gained new responsibilities. I foresee that 2015 will be much of the same, but I want to pledge to deepen my involvement in my hobbies and pursuits, and to continue this openness and exploration of my passions.

It feels nice to hear from you and to read what you all are thinking. I enjoy being able to relate to the people who read my blog and to those whose words I read–even if we’re not all at the same place, life-wise, it’s comforting to know I’m not the only person living through a certain experience. Thank you for being here and for engaging with me via emails, social media, and the like.

I welcome 2015 with hope, contentment, and excitement for what it might teach me.


14 thoughts on “2015, salut!

  1. Happy New Year! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog in 2014 and look forward to more posts.

    I try not to make resolutions for new years and just let life happen… 2014 saw some important milestones for me, so I’m not sure 2015 can top that, but we’ll see ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Happy new year! You seem to be in a very positive path right now, I hope you’ll keep going in 2015. I really enjoyed getting to know you, and actually meeting you in 2014 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Me too Kali! And should you be in LA again I will come over and drag you to food!

      Re: positive path: it is so, so painfully difficult to feel happy or content. To be entirely truthful, I would say that I also write this message as an aspiration–I want to be positive. I want more days where I feel full, content, and not jealous or wanting someone else’s success or lifestyle. It’s getting better though and with each day it feels more truthful to say I am happy and proud of the direction I’m moving in.

    1. Thank you! Valerie, if you’re ever in Orange County for the holidays this company (Trinity Broadcasting Network) decks out its entire building and grounds in Christmas lights. A friend and I took our cameras out to shoot and I had great fun! I bet if you came out here you’d get those lights to bokeh better than I did–I shoot better wides than I do close lengths and I’d like to get better at that.

      My friend also says it’s because my 50mm and 35mm lenses on a crop camera doesn’t bokeh that well and I think I have to agree, but I don’t shoot enough tight portraits to justify the purchase of a 105mm 1.8…T_T

  3. Happy 2015, Kristina! Umm… is that picture real? It looks sooooo dreamy and surreal, like something out of a Japanese cartoon! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hey, thanks for sharing your aspirations for 2015. I share similar sentiments, but, I’m also gonna work on stretching beyond my comfort zones (man, so many and the zones are so damn thick!)… Okay, I’m gonna stop now before I start ranting.

    Oh Kristina, I enjoy seeing your outfits (so many ideas!) and I enjoy your pictures, and reading your blog is a pleasure.

    1. This place is real! It’s a Christian TV network that has its home campus in Costa Mesa, CA. They cover every square inch in Christmas lights for the season–and maintain half of the lighting throughout the year so when you drive by their grounds (and it’s visible from the freeway too) it’s quite a sight to see. A friend and I went shooting on the grounds (and so did a lot of people) and I thought this tree was magnificent.

      Re: comfort zones I can totally relate with you on that–I’m not the best at coming out of them either. I actually wrote a good old-fashioned list of goals (on paper, with ink) and have it tacked up on my door (I may have said this before somewhere below.) It even has super dorky stuff like…social goals (make one completely brand-new friend. eek!)

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