I’ve been quiet lately because there isn’t much to report.

My clothes and preparation throughout all of last year have ensured that at least for the last few weeks, I’ve felt happy and contented with what I own. I’ve been wearing these same few outfits on heavy repeat:

New Year’s Day at the ARTIC (photographed here.) That Uniqlo vest hasn’t had a day of rest since I got it in November.
Matchy matchy with the recent weather. Urban Outfitters knit beanie and that beloved Banana Republic turtleneck (seen not only once, twice, but thrice!) Frizzy hair styled by the rain and humidity.

I’ve also been relying on this as a base for most of my daily wear:


Top: Uniqlo Extra Warm Heattech turtleneck top (currently sold out online)
Pants: Uniqlo Ultra Stretch jeans
Shoes: Ecco Sculptured 45 Gore-tex booties

There will always be things to get (black work pants–a need, Nike Flyknits–a want) but currently there is no immediate urgency. I’m enjoying this feeling of enough, that what I’ve bought and what I own fulfills exactly my need to be clothed and look presentable (ok, and “cool” too, however you define that.) I feel that I’ve been synthesizing outfits that finally match my idea of my own image, and I think getting that out of the way enables me to focus better on things like interacting with people, exploring my photography, and drinking all the sweetย coffee drinks I can get my hands on.

Onward and forward.


7 thoughts on “Enough

  1. “Enough” is a really nice feeling and a great place to be especially at the start of the year ๐Ÿ™‚ During the colder months I employ a very similar “base” – layering FTW! Except I never realised heat tech came in turtleneck form, where have I been?!!

    1. This year they have 2 kinds of Heattech turtleneck–the regular kind, and the one I’m wearing, the Extra Warm version. Both are already very soft, but the Extra Warm is like a very thin fleece-lined version. At least that’s what the fabric feels like to me.

      It’s a good base isn’t it? The turtleneck can be its own outfit or you can throw a loose cardigan over it, etc.

  2. It must be so calming to feel you have ‘enough’. It would be really interesting and helpful if you could do a reflective post about how you found your personal style. x

    1. I may do that! Thank you for the idea. It may be a little odd since I feel that my personal style is still evolving–there are a few things I want to try still.

      Let me chew on how to structure this. It should be an interesting post.

  3. What a positive post, I really like the spirit! It is indeed calming to feel like you have enough – instead of thinking about the next purchase or something. What I understood with time – and you seem to as well – is that enough doesn’t mean we don’t need or want anything at all, it just means feeling content with the current affairs, even if there are going to be new purchases sometime in the future. Anyway I think it does reflect on you – or what we can see of you through your blog photos anyway, you seem really at ease in your outfits, it is visible that you are comfortable with how you look like these days ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ and my wallet hopes that this feeling of contentment will persist a bit longer so it can recover somewhat!

      Thank you for saying I look at ease/comfortable; I take that as a compliment. What I seem to notice lately (and what I hear myself saying offline) is a lot of owning up to what I really like. I am that girl that reaches for her running shoes even when going out to dinner with friends. Luckily sportswear as lifewear is very much a thing right now, but I remember a time when I thought that the right way to be proper and girly was to do sandals and a flowy top. The ease and comfort comes from finally finding a means to celebrate my femininity in a way that allows for my definition of comfort and fashion.

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