I’m not much of a beauty junkie, but I like to wear perfume. Yesterday I went to the mall to try on some things and dropped by the local Sephora to look at their fragrance section. These are just a few of the things that I tried on:

Disclaimer–I’m no connoisseur; I just know what works on my skin. My observations will be quite simple and unrefined:

Commodity Goods‘ Black and White Collection:

Wear them solo or layered. Under the bottles there are “mix” suggestions from the brand; it was quite interesting. For this visit, I only tried them solo to get a first impression.

Three of the five scents in the Black collection. Not photographed: Wool and Moss.

I was drawn to Whiskey and Book. Book smells great from the bottle but I don’t think my body takes to woodsy notes that well. I do know some friends for whom it might be more appropriate. Thumbs up on the packaging and name choices; it’s quite attractive to think “my perfume is Whiskey and Books.”

Unfortunately I think my style is more “Donuts and New Computer Smell.” I digress.

White collection. Not photographed: Paper, and Rain

Gold wears like Atelier Cologne‘s Vanille Insensee on me. No wonder I thought it was familiar. Mimosa is also a pleasant scent; it’s got blood orange and grapefruit as top notes and ylang-ylang in the base.

What I tried on at Sephora this month.

Of yesterday’s visit, I liked these three the most (and a fourth one not photographed, which is Atelier Cologne’s Pomelo Paradis.)

On Atelier Cologne: of the three citrus-themed scents I’ve tried from them so far, I’ll say Mandarine Glaciale > Pomelo Paradis > Orange Sanguine. Personal preference. They seem to last longer than Diptyque does on me. I’ll call it an insistent fragrance: you will smell yourself for a while. So likely others will too (is that what sillage is?) Love that they smell like freshly cut fruit, but it may be a bit overwhelming for some people.

Juliette Has a Gun is a brand by Romano Ricci, whose ancestry includes Nina Ricci and his grandfather Robert Ricci, creator of L’Air du Temps. I tried Not a Perfume and Anyway. These are pretty understated perfumes, Anyway goes on clean and finishes like a hint of soap or powder after 45 minutes. In contrast to Atelier Cologne, those two scents from Juliette Has a Gun are subtle and quiet. There are other “heavier” scents but I’m looking for a daytime spring/summer vibe, so I didn’t check those out.

Finally, Commodity Goods’ Gold: I like this better than Vanille Insensee; I’ll keep it in mind, but it’s not what I’m currently looking for. I may go back to try Mimosa or Tea.

That’s where I am fragrance-wise this season: looking for a new spring/summer, airy day scent. Do you wear fragrances? Do you change your scents with the season/for the occasion? Or do you prefer to wear one brand or one type of fragrance only?


12 thoughts on “Perfume notes – March 2015

  1. Hi. It happens that there’s a first Sephora opened last weekend in my town here. I am looking for a perfume too. Now thanks to this post I may step in Sephora to try (hopefully their perfume selection here is as good). – I Ying

    1. I Ying, I hope you find something good! Let me know if you end up spotting these at Sephora. I think they have an interesting “niche” perfume category, personally.

  2. Haha I wish you could smell things through a computer screen! I don’t wear fragrance myself, I’d have no idea where to start with what scent would suit me (right now i’m just up to the “ooh this smells good… this one doesn’t” in the bottle level).

    1. I’m with you on that. If I don’t even like it from the bottle or from the test strip I won’t bother putting it on 🙂 I think that’s a totally valid method, haha.

      I like to think perfumes are like moods or themes, and for the most part I like bright, airy ones as everyday perfumes. Last year I incorporated a “formal” scent from Diptyque that I grew to like a lot, so I also have that in my “tool bag” now.

      I consider it a part of getting ready/dressing up, but it’s technically a non-necessity. But I’ll usually wear something every day. It’s the little treats that make me feel like me.

  3. I’ve found most of my perfumes just by smelling people and asking what they’re wearing. Sometimes it can be overwhelming in department stores with so many smells, and it’s hard to get a feel for fragrance unless you smell it on someone who’s been wearing it for a few hours. I’m still extremely attached to the perfume I’ve been wearing since high school, but it’s been discontinued so once in a while I’ll pop on eBay and do a search for it.
    Definitely curious about layering scents though, interesting concept!

    1. I’ve heard about scouring eBay for discontinued scents; that’s great that it’s still popping up in results 🙂

      Layering fragrances is something new to me as well. I’ve only had success layering perfumes from the same company (Diptyque, Jo Malone) but I haven’t tried crossing brands or anything like that. The salespeople will occasionally suggest pairings to me in-store, but smelling it on them is always different from how it behaves on me.

      One of the brands I’d like to check out is Byredo Perfumes which I see on bloggers’ IG all the time. I am just not sure who in California carries it so I can sniff it.

  4. “Donuts and New Computer Smell.” Lol!

    I’ve always kind of been a lavender soap smell kind of person, but lately I’ve been thinking of switching to something a little more earthy and masculine like sandalwood or eucalyptus.

  5. New computer smell! Yes please.. haha. I’m a packaging junkie and immediately loved the Commodity Goods collection when they launched. not sure they’re available here though – the While collection sounds amazing to me. Paper and Rain? ❤ I don't seem to do heavy musky/woodsy scents all that well either.

    PS – Be careful getting super discounted scents on eBay, there are actually fakes floating around. I found out the hard way trying to get a cheap bottle of Creed's Silver Mountain Water. One of my faves – this is definitely an airy day type scent (in the alps)

    1. Unboxing Apple products is a full sensory experience. 😀

      Gah, that’s terrible about eBay! I’d be scared shopping from there because I don’t know how the original owner stored/kept the product. How did you know it was fake (beside the formulation smelling off–I assume?)

      1. That’s a good question – fakes are so good these days it’s actually hard to tell at first glance. I was lucky because I already had a bottle of the stuff I bought at a proper store that I was replacing. The bottle was different, subtle markings, cap fittings etc so I looked it up… and found an entire checklist of things to look out for online. I think they vary by brand. thankfully I managed to return it and got my $ back via Paypal.

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