Late bloomer 

Let’s face it, I’m not exactly a trailblazer of any kind. I’m behind on a lot of things, sartorial and life-wise. Most people my age have had party night stories to tell for years, and I’m only now even exploring the nightlife in the area around me. I’m still out of tune with my own peers, but I think as I age (and that unfortunately marches on, regardless of personal development) it’s easier to accept and be happy with the timeframe I live in.

Which brings me to this: boyfriend jeans have been around for a while, but it wasn’t until half a year ago that I got the opportunity to try it out thanks to an aunt who gave me this light wash jean from Express.  After wearing it a few weekends here and there and enjoying the fit, I thought I’d add a dark wash choice this year with Uniqlo’s slim boyfriend fit ankle length jeans.

Okay and I won’t lie, Sue‘s Instagram feed gave me many ideas.

As far as loose fit jeans go these are pretty tame–just a nice fade down the front and some detail at the hips. There aren’t any dings or rips; I could have picked a pair with those features but I always want clothes that can do double duty for work.

The middle look is probably my favorite, although I could easily see myself in the first one for work with a white oxford shirt instead–like what I tried in-store. I think as long as I keep the shirt and shoes on the tailored, clean end I can get away with it.

I took a 27 in the jean, and I think that was the correct hunch because as you wear it more it acquires a better slouchy feel. 28 would have been too loose all around, and I like having a bit of structure at the waistline/hips as an anchor for the fabric bulk in the legs. I’m also currently wearing it rolled up twice; those of you of average height will find this going into floodwater pants territory, for me it’s just the right length.


In other news:

I’m currently 1 for 1 off of my Evolving Needs list: I got the running socks which I did use in my race last month but then these jeans sort of happened (which were technically on the “What I don’t really need but kind of want anyway” part of the list.) It’s good to stay publicly accountable. Hoping to get through the rest of April without any more extraneous purchases, except I do know I’ll be most sorely tempted to restock my perfume because of that post I wrote last week. -sigh-

In due time, Kristina! There’s much better things to spend money on, like coffee.


19 thoughts on “Late bloomer 

  1. And how are you finding them now that you have them? I have to say they work well with your existing wardrobe – my favourite look is actually the third one. Oh and I’m glad I’ve provided some workable looks for you – my day to day look is very basic as I like to keep my clothes quite functional. I have to say, I do like the original faded ones that you inherited – I wish I could find a flattering pair in that shade – so perfect for warm sunny days.

    And don’t worry about being a late bloomer – you can still get there – I was never a little raver – I had a nice little house that I liked to hide away in. I used to get calls from friends trying to drag me out for drinks and I’d screen the calls. I don’t think I really started till I was 25!

    1. I have hope yet then!

      I’m literally only starting to “party” in this my late-20something’th year. Kind of sad and hilarious that my 21-and-under friends are the ones I go to to ask how to use Snapchat and emojis properly. Got to stay relevant in this generation 🙂

      Too early to tell with the jeans but goodness are they comfortable. I actually (gasp) snuck them into work yesterday. I like the third look too–it makes me think of the beach and lord knows anything to imagine the world outside of a cubicle is much desired.

  2. It’s hard to find the perfect boyfriend jean! Then after you find it, you have to cuff it JUST so, lest you be judged for (as you said) the highwater look. CUFF IS LIFE! Hahah. I love the third look though, so perfectly spring-like!

    1. Cuff is life omg ❤

      Can't wait to do third look with the right kind of shoes–I don't think my Nikes would work so well; that look needs Jack Purcells or Stan Smiths if we're in vogue. Or red Chuck Taylors would be fun!

      Too bad my podiatrist said no. Bloody flat feet. :/

  3. Ooh I love the wash on this! And 27 looks great on you. Now you have me thinking about a pair of boyfriend jeans that aren’t ripped to shreds – both of mine are ripped and light washes. Agree about the middle one cutting off at the ankles, I think its the line of the ankle boots that contributes to the slightly odd shape. Not in a bad way but definitely draws the eye. Microcuff and higher? Or that may be too bulky. I do love these looks, especially that last one – I’ve been obsessed with stripes lately 😀

    1. I think this was the best wash out of the line! I wanted the lighter washes to work so badly, but it had these weird paint speckles I just wasn’t into. Then I looked up at the display and saw the picture of the model wearing this wash and set about to finding the right size.

      The ripped jeans I would love to try; I’m actually vaguely hunting for Levis to rip into shorts, but they seem to be scarce at the thrift shops I go to. I think they’re flying off the racks because people are savvier shoppers now 😛

      1. Ditto on the Levi’s – same situation in Sydney! Been kind of into high waisted things lately, a different silhouette for me from when I was in my 20s and totally obsessed with low waist everything. The perfect cut off shorts still eludes me.

  4. These look great! I love the outfits you’ve put together with them (the first one especially, that slouchy cardigan is awesome!). I’ve had several pairs of boyfriend jeans over the past few years with varying success – I bought the most recent in January (from Monsoon) and am getting on very well with them. It’s nice to have a different silhouette to work with (as opposed to the usual skinny jeans). I find them really good for work as I like to be comfy at my desk 🙂

    p.s. don’t worry, I’m a late bloomer (or non-bloomer perhaps), too. I’m 25 and I’ve yet to set foot in a nightclub!

    1. Fen, I was hoping you could brainstorm with me on that cardi. When I put on a long sleeved shirt I feel like I visually disappear because all that remains is my face and hands.

      Is Monsoon a UK-only brand? I’d like to check that out.

      My goal this year is to find a cocktail and/or liquor I like to drink. It seems that there is a social benefit to being able to go out at night and not be the “uptight” dry one among acquaintances. #socialcamouflage

  5. I’ve had half an eye on the UNIQLO boyfriend jeans but I haven’t yet tried them on. I like the way you’re wearing them. I have a pair of old faded blue skinny/straight leg jeans that I wear as pseudo-boyfriend jeans and I love bringing them out when I want to look super super casual haha.

    Also congrats on the race!! I’ve yet to enter one…

    1. Thank you Jane! If you have time, go try on the jeans–I’ve worn mine for a few days now and they’re quite comfortable. The waistline’s expanded about half a size though, so it’s slouching even more. 🙂

      I have an old pair that sounds just like yours–they’re from my senior year of HS/first year of college, so…(eek) quite a couple of years old, and the fabric is super soft now. I would imagine your pair may be similar to that.

      I know you run quite a fair amount–would you be interested in trying a 5K? I’m actually planning my upcoming year’s race calendar so I don’t overexert myself, hehe.

      1. Hm I guess I could run a 5K race but I haven’t really considered it yet! The only 5k race around here that I’ve heard of is the Colour Run, not sure how I feel about getting coloured paint thrown at me while I run…

      2. I’m wary of the flying paint too. The powdered version makes me think it might not be so good for those of us who have asthmatic tendencies. Running and breathing is hard enough already!

  6. That’s interesting, I’ve always felt like a “late bloomer’ of sorts as well. My girlfriends got into their first serious relationships while I was still playing “Vampire the Masquerade” with friends at a LAN café every week, they got their first job and appartment while I was enjoying student life in Tokyo, one of them got married two years ago and the other one is pregnant, while I don’t even live with (not got married to) my fiancé yet. Same for the party thing, but that’s really because I’ve never liked the alcohol & night kind of parties. Anyway, sorry for the self centered comment, your point just resonated with me. And I’m not even on the boyfriends jeans bandwagon yet, although GAP has started releasing “girlfriend jeans”, a sign that boyfriend is already becoming old… By the way this silhouette suits you very well, you’re onto something good here 🙂

    1. No no–I enjoyed this small look into Kali avant la Nife ❤ I…don't even have a fiancé (yet) (ever T_T #4everalone). I'm making life plans that include at the minimum a month-long trip through Japan, and a Scottish fold when I can afford one. (like @katheelee and her lovely Ramona!)

      By the way, don’t you just love these extremely gendered names for clothes? Would my hypothetical boyfriend ever wear any of my shirts and call it a “girlfriend” shirt? No–his is “slim fit.”

      Btw lovely single man if you’re in Southern California reading this blog (HAHH)–holler at your future #WCW (see links for my “digitzzzz”)

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