Grâce à Dieu c’est vendredi. 

Pardon my high school French, but it’s been a terrible week. I find myself wishing for more energy to do everything I want to–run, swim, bike, climb, write on this blog… instead of complaining about what I didn’t do, I’d like to celebrate what did happen this month:

1. I’ve been going swimming.

Fen talked about swimming as a workout, and I used to envy her tons. Then it dawned on me that I live in the capital of perpetual sunshine and there’s no excuse not to find a nearby pool. I’ve since found two community pools that are clean and spacious and as far as I can tell–health pending that is–swimming is back in my life. I enjoy it a lot; to me it’s play and less of a task, even when I’m winded and my legs are shot (kicking from the hip uses more core than I ever thought possible.)

2. Coffee.

I’m more into donuts than macarons and I don’t have a purse big enough to put flowers in, but I needed an Instagram schtick, because I am blogger (sarcasm.) Enter coffee. Nothing gets you more insta-likes than posting latte art and cups angled just so. But seriously, joking aside, it started with Vietnamese iced coffee and right now I’m in the milk+espresso phase, specifically mochas and cappuccinos. I can’t wait until I reach my mom’s level; she just drinks everything black. She’s the reason I started paying attention to coffee on my travels and I try to bring her new beans wherever I go. Mother’s Day is approaching, so it may be time to go shopping. And taste-testing. hoho!

3. Little adventures.

I go on little adventures in my own town with a few people and so far we’ve tried a few bars, gone to a pool hall (which was fun as hell even though we had to keep pulling up the rules on our phones), and I’ve spent an afternoon trying to bowl mostly unsuccessfully. This is where the cash that used to go to clothing and wardrobe building has been spent–in coffee and in these extracurricular activities that people do to socialize and interact with each other. It’s very strange and funny to indulge in these activities now; I feel like I’m playing at these social rituals. Oh well. I want to get good at bowling and pool/billiards–and by good at least make the ball go where I want it to, which is at the pins and out of the gutter. Or in the pocket. Etc. We’ll see how this initiative goes. I’m discovering that loaded coffees are delicious! Maybe next time I’ll be more courageous and stray from the norm 😀

4. Comfortable outfits

This weekend I’ll probably be wearing some variation of this:

Such creativity. Much comfort.

Uniqlo slim boyfriend fit ankle length jeans, sweat long sleeve pullover

I can’t wait to loaf around and eat everything in sight. Loose jeans imperative. I’ll be up to my usual antics; hope you all have a refreshing weekend!


23 thoughts on “le weekend

  1. We are pretty much weekend wear twins! Mostly because we do actually have the same sweatshirt, haha. I’m also one to complain about all the sutff I haven’t been able to do… I wish I were able to go swimming more often this year. I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee lately as well and I think I’m about to head into the straight black stage. I’ve been packing lunch as a way to save money but I suspect I’m just spending it all on coffee… your little adventures sound fun as well, I don’t remember the last time I went bowling!

    1. Isn’t it a lovely sweatshirt though? It’s so soft ❤

      I am this close to springing for a custom bowling ball. It's going to be just about $75 for the cheapest model, but it will be spec'ced to my hands. I usually bowl with childrens' balls (like an 8 lb one) and he was like, you can carry a 10 lb one no problem when I customize it for you!

      …I like that I'm considering my own ball before I get lessons 😀

      1. I love MOCA, it’s definitely one of my favorite museums! The view on top of City Hall is a bit overwhelming (in a good way) because you really get to see how vast the city is-L.A. is such a diverse and interesting place that I am really glad I live near!

  2. Your blog is beautiful! Thanks for visiting mine.

    I’m all about the comfortable outfits. Question about the Uniqlo jeans though – what’s the fit like? And how tall are you? I’m 5’2 and want to try Uniqlo jeans so badly, haha.

    1. I’m 5’1″ 🙂 These particular jeans come right up to my belly button (as I assume they would when first washed and still a little stiff.) However, it will loosen throughout the day to sit above your hipbones; I can get away with not belting it. Uniqlo’s “ankle” length anything usually ends up being a good inseam for me–but these I cuffed twice (micro-cuff, haha) to make it MY ankle length.

      I write a lot about Uniqlo because I own a few of their items, and quite a number of the ladies who come by here are also well-versed in the brand 🙂 Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to know!

    1. Oui, j’ai eu un weekend avec du fromage, du vin, et j’ai fait la connaissance d’une chienne qui s’appelle Lucy.

      Embarrassingly this comment took far too long to construct (where are you, my long-forgotten conjugations?)

  3. I hope this week has been better than last, so far. I definitely feel you on wanting more energy, and perhaps in my case, more time to do all the things. I really love this list you’ve created, and your Instagram coffee crawl snaps! If your goal is to ultimately drink your coffee black, I’d recommend trying some of the Ethiopians (it’s a lighter roast) – specifically a good Yirgacheffe.

    Also, I’m all about the comfortable outfit, and very much like yours. I realized recently that I do indeed have a uniform (skinny jeans, pull-over sweater/button-down shirt, cat flats/ankle boots) and am 100% OK with it – even if I do at times feel like I am behind or missing out on something. If anything, I’ve been enjoying the fact that comfort is trumping everything, these days.

    1. Omg the coffee crawl. Ugh. I work just too far away too get to those shops during the work day (T_T) and I can’t make it there after work before they close before traffic. So I do most of my coffee exploring during the weekends–where I can’t possibly drink that much coffee–my limit is two espresso-based drinks. And I end up staying up pretty late.

      The Ethiopian coffees–are those the somewhat sour ones? I’ve had some that were kind of sour that I don’t quite have the taste for yet. What makes coffee sour?

      1. Well, I’m looking forward to exploring some of the coffee places you’ve shared the next time I’m in the OC. I don’t drink coffee often, but when I do, it is all black all the time. My only weakness is condensed milk, which is usually not offered at coffee shops. Otherwise, I would be having some version of a Vietnamese coffee all the time. In my experience, Ethiopians are fruitier and lighter in roast. I think what makes coffee sour might have to do with its extraction. Maybe the beans weren’t ground very well and the subsequent brewing couldn’t extract the coffee’s full flavor? Otherwise, I’ve never heard of sour coffee before!

      2. The coffee is mostly in Long Beach, just FYI. In Orange County you might like Portola, and I hear Bear Coast Coffee is good too. I’ve also yet to make it to Kean Coffee in Tustin 🙂

        Cafe Sua Da. Ugh. I have the filter–I should just make it at home, really. Just need a grinder to grind up some beans.

        Maybe I shouldn’t say it was sour–I think the “floral” and fruity types of coffee is what I’m not used to yet. My mom drinks mostly dark roasts and growing up I know my grandmother would put milk and sugar in hers. But since I’ve been exploring this coffee scene I’ve had pour-over coffees that almost taste like tea.

        This whole coffee business is very interesting. I’d like to learn more–maybe one day I’ll taste those notes written on the side of the bag (“tobacco?” “berry?” etc.)

      3. Oooh, thank you! I love new coffee recommendations. Most of the time I don’t know what I’m tasting – except that it tastes good to me! It wasn’t until I came upon beans that I genuinely liked, that I started to notice flavors. Pour overs definitely bring out more distinct flavor profiles. I still can’t understand why anyone would want to taste notes of tobacco, though. That sounds terrible!

        If you are ever in San Diego, Dark Horse and Bird Rock are great!

  4. Haha you are too funny. I would do the flowers-in-the-bag thing too of I did not love my money so much. For a “style blogger” I sure do hate spending money…
    and you remember so much more French than me :(:(

    1. There’s a charm in the flower/bag shot…but I hope the flowers find good use after. I would probably give them to my family members or my coworkers to share 🙂

  5. Great idea for a post – you should turn this into a tag! 🙂 I also find myself constantly wishing for more energy and time to do different things, and sometimes forget to be happy and grateful for the nice things I get to do day in/day out.

    Happy to hear that you’ve rediscovered swimming, it’s so relaxing! x

    1. “Weekend” as a tag, you mean? I’ll consider and try it! Though that might turn my entire blog into a weekend blog because that’s really when things happen for me nowadays 🙂

      Ach, I can’t wait to go back into the pool–I need to figure out how I’ll blend it with rock climbing and running, but it’s excellent and super exciting to do. I think I just get too pumped when I’m working out and end up overexerting myself. 😀

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