Because life > clothes. Here’s some pictures from last weekend’s mini-escapades.

Had brunch at Urban Table in Belmont Shore, Long Beach. I’m trying to find a lox bagel that comes close to the Russ and Daughters one I had in New York.

Urban Table’s big sesame bagel.

It was delicious, but there are other lox bagels in the area I’d rather eat. Nevertheless, it is still a good filling meal to start the day with.

High definition bagel.

I also met Lucy the Schnauzer. She had just spent the morning at Rosie’s Dog Beach and as you can see here, she’s a natural in front of the camera.

Do it for the social media. She’s far more experienced at this than I am.

After picking up some pupcakes for Lucy at Frosted Cupcakery we ducked into an interesting shoe store called O’ My Sole.

The red one reminds me of my Camper flats.

The store seemed to carry a lot of Spanish-made shoe brands. Admittedly, they are not the most stylish but a recent foot mishap has made me consider the insoles of most shoes–and how a lot come up lacking in terms of support. I may have to come back here to look at and try on more shoes to get a better understanding of fit.

After our short jaunt through Belmont Shore we made our way over to Fourth and Cherry to get some drinks at the Flea Espresso Bar. My friend got an iced lavender steamer that was really delicious [Yelp shot] and I got my litmus test drink, a standard mocha. I’m not really into flora in my drinks (yet?) so I was surprised when I ended up liking the lavender-vanilla mix. Apparently the owner grinds edible lavender into vanilla powder and mixes it all with milk.

Uh oh. No mocha for you Lucy!

We walked along Fourth Street which has a lot of vintage shops and niche fashion boutiques. Here’s some of the neat gifts in Songbird Boutique:

IMG_7041I’ve gotten earrings from A Million City Lights before–I have this geometric pair (holy throwback selfie.) But I think those avocado ones on the bottom left, middle are so very Californian!

I said goodbye to Lucy at this point, who was pretty tired from all her adventuring earlier in the day.

Lucy and the technicolor sidewalk.

My last stop for the day was at Salud Juice. I was able to try a sample of one of their seasonal juices called “The Strawberry One,” and this shot called the Sucker Punch–lemon, ginger, honey, and cayenne.

They don’t mess around–the Sucker Punch will wake you up! They gave me a slice of an orange to chase it with.

I can’t wait to return to the shop to try the other juices. Perhaps with more people so we can all share!

And thus passed the weekend. In a few days will be Friday and then it will be time to go traipsing about Southern California! Hang in there everyone~ (even though that’s really mostly a mantra for me.) Until the next adventure.


7 thoughts on “Belmont Shore and Downtown Long Beach

    1. Those avocado earrings make me laugh. I still have an affinity for food-shaped accessories (I have a pouch that looks like a chocolate chip cookie.)

      Would you ever want to get your ears pierced?

  1. Ugh I need to get to SoCal. They have great food up here, but they have so much creative stuff down there. I bet my hubby would love that drink. I’m not into eating my flowers either, but he loves it. His favorite ice cream is honey lavender.

    1. He would probably like that lavender steamer drink then!

      There’s also a place down here he might like called Honeymee–they do milk ice cream drizzled with honey with honeycomb pieces. I think Orange County and Los Angeles have some locations. 🙂

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