Tried and true

Ces jours je n’ai pas assez de temps pour écrire.

Please bear with my fledgling attempts to return to high school French fluency. I miss the un-jaded sixteen-year-old who looked at every California art museum to find the one or two Toulouse-Lautrec paintings in collection. I digress. Not much time to write nowadays; work is sapping my best energy. Here is one random work outfit I actually managed to capture:

Shirt: old JCrew indigo button-up
Skirt: old Gap striped mini

not photographed: Nine West Foodie monkstraps 

A simple, dependable outfit.


5 thoughts on “Tried and true

  1. Love it 🙂 I love stripes and I love polkadots but I haven’t tried my hand in mixing the two yet! (Probably because my patterns are all in my shirts/tops while all my bottoms are plain).

  2. You seem to remember your French quite accurately, as your sentences are correct 😉 Very nice outfit too, I understand these moments of life when the energy is low and the time & motivation to go on with personal projects might be difficult. It’s nice to be able to write at least short posts in the meantime 🙂

    1. I’m working on a few “longer” ones…let’s hope I can make the rollout last a few weeks. 😀

      And as for my French, it is embarrassing how much I used to know and have since forgotten. The best I can do is read labels and small pieces of literature and try not to read the English version first. I can get a general gist of what’s going on, but it’s not a rich or deep understanding.

      I think the hardest thing I did was read Le Petit Prince in third year high school and gosh, philosophy is NOT my strong suit.

  3. Totally understand the lack of time but glad you’ve manage an update anyhow. I do like this print mixing 🙂 BTW I’m reading Le Petit Prince! Only halfway through and only understand about half of it but I will read it again in a few years – I’m only actually 6 months into learning the language at the moment and finally got my head around the various quirks and ghastly amount of exceptions to the rule. Reading is far easier than having to actually construct anything on my own right now..

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