Here’s a quick snap of what I’ve been favoring over the past few weeks:

Jacket: old H&M military-inspired parka (hood folds into collar)
Sweatshirt: Uniqlo sweat long sleeve pullover
Jeans: Uniqlo slim boyfriend fit ankle length jeans (on sale currently for $19.99!)
Shoes: Nine West Foodie double monk strap loafers (no current links)

One of the ideas floating around in my head is the lifetime of clothes in my closet. More often than not, and I hate to admit this–I don’t tire of things as much as I grow out of them. And not vertically either. For the next phase of my wardrobe, I would like to own something until it rips/breaks apart or is otherwise unusable. It seems like an earth-friendly, wallet-friendly goal to keep clothes until they break; also, that brings to mind that I should aim to buy and own only things I really like. Stay tuned as to whether this budding idea becomes reality.

In the meantime, I’m happy that this olive jacket (which is at least three if not four years old) is still pulling its weight. It’s become my spring piece that I’ve worn straight for the past month. My favorite pairing is with these jeans rolled up and either these monkstraps or penny loafers. And you also saw it earlier this week with my trusty Nikes. My favorite way to wear this jacket is to push the sleeves up to my elbows to bare my forearms. If it’s cold I’ll zip it up all the way, and there’s even a hood under that collar somewhere, but the way you see it above is the way I typically like to wear it–relaxed but zipped, and pockets full of keys and phone.

This rediscovery of sorts makes me wonder what silhouette I’ll end up repeating soon. What are the standout items you’ve come to rely on lately?



15 thoughts on “(Miss)matched

  1. I think the Aritzia version of that jacket has basically become a city-wide staple here in Vancouver at this point – but for good reason! I bought one myself a couple of years ago and still get a lot of wear out of it every spring / fall. The style just seems to work so easily with so many outfit combos.

    Wardrobe-wise I definitely rely on a grey Vince thermal knit sweater A LOT for days where I’m lazy but still want to feel nice. By some miracle it’s still in near-perfect condition in spite of 4 years of heavy wear. I bought it at full price and felt guilty for dropping $300 on a sweater at the time, but after so long and so much love it ended up being worth it?

    1. Hi Alison!

      I’m glad that I hung on to this jacket then. I agree with you that it is a versatile piece and there was a time I didn’t like the slouchy loose fit. Now I’m glad I stuck with it because if this was formfitting I don’t think it would be very comfortable.

      That’s the second +1 I’ve heard for Vince. I haven’t really checked it out so I don’t know much about it, but you’re making me think I should plan to look at Fall 2015 🙂 Lazy but nice outfits are a priority haha!

  2. Oh my god, did you get a haircut?!

    On a side note, I love those shoes so much. I’ve been wearing my trench coat all week since it’s been rainy and cold 😦

    1. That ninja hair tuck! soooo JCrew, haha. Except I’m not leggy and 5’10” 😀

      These shoes–design and color are great, but interior could use more arch support (I’m flat footed.) Overall, if I could do it again I probably would not have bought it just because for my personal foot situation it isn’t the most comfortable. But the color and shape is what got me 🙂

      1. Whew! I was like, noo the hair! You’re definitely taller than I am haha. I love a monk sole. It’s very borrowed-from-the-boys chic.

  3. i find classics never really get too lost in the closet. this parka definitely counts – you can dress it up or down and it still looks relevant. i have a workhorse of a zipped hoodie/sweatshirt thing that i wear all the time. it’s about 3 years old now 🙂 ps. the pseudo-lob looks great on you!!

    1. Every once in a while I wonder what I’d look like with those super Japanese/Korean short bobs (slight perm/curl at the tips) but then I think my face is too round to do that on, plus I’d be sad to lose my safety waterfall of hair. For now, hair tucks and day dreaming will do. 😀

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