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As we head into summer days (is it really the second week of the second half of the year already??) admittedly, not much changes here at Uniformly Dressed. I still wear the same shirts and shoes, except I’m a little bit sweatier and deflated at the end of the day, perhaps. Such is life. However, I’m enjoying a bit of refreshed inspiration with my limited color palette thanks to these two Instagram accounts I just recently followed.

Yuka (@yuka_____i) has all the things I’d ever want in my closet. She does some really simple, very clean midi skirt-and-breton stripe combos I wish I had the height to do justice to. (I think midis make me look a bit frumpy.) I like that a lot of her looks could be work-appropriate; I own a few pieces similar to hers so I’ll see if I can whip something up that evokes the same aesthetic.

Jiang Lilun’s (@walilizhou) indigo game is SO strong. She doesn’t have too many captions, but I believe she must dye some of her own textiles as well as possibly sew some of her outfits. Reminds me of Black Crane with the way she plays with loose silhouettes (think culottes and oversized shoulders/flowy tops) except she features mostly indigo-toned outfits. I would like to try and capture some of her style in my weekend outfits.

Here’s my beginner’s take on a “Yuka-like” work outfit:

Shirt: old Gap 1969 bell-sleeve indigo blouse
Pants: old Target Mossimo ankle pants
Shoes: Cole Haan penny loafers

Fun story on that Gap blouse: it was in the sale section maybe three years ago, and I picked it up on a whim. At my heavier weight, I wanted something that would skim over my torso. It didn’t work–it made me look bigger than before (why doesn’t that logic ever work–hide your body, and it’s actually less flattering for you than finding something fitted?) It laid fallow in the closet until I had this resurgence of appreciation for the swing cut and the poof sleeves. It’s also great for the summer; despite the heavier cotton/denim fabric it flows away from the body and feels airy.

hoho hello sleeves

A coworker and I were discussing Gap as a brand, and we wish it would put out more pieces like this. [Kristina-ramble] Gap has been trying to keep their denim game up, but more often than not I see tons of chambray and denim oxford/blouse experiments end up on the sales rack, ignored. I’ll thumb through them and nothing really stands out OR it has an element I do not want: a few years ago everything had roll-sleeve tabs, or it was Western-themed double breast pockets. Droopy single-breast pockets. Popovers (button-downs that do not open all the way). Now put them all together on a shirt at once. To be fair to that shirt, it’s not even that egregious design-wise. But I know I like to slip into my shirts, not drag them over my head, and I do the JCrew roll on my sleeves, so I don’t really need sleeve keeps/tabs.

What looks, colors, or ideas have captured your attention lately, and how are you planning to execute/interpret them? Share with me your inspiration!


10 thoughts on “Back to order

  1. love this look!! it reminds me of the row ๐Ÿ™‚
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. Ooh I love the blue on blue. I’ve been wondering if I can pull off a navy on navy outfit but I just wasn’t sure what colour my shoes should be haha, but I reckon it looks good with shoes that are a different colour like you have on here!

    1. Tan! or do your sand/black saddle shoes ๐Ÿ˜€ also a red Converse which I believe you have would push navy/navy into the nautical. I’m a bit too clumsy for white sneakers–I’d dirty those in a minute! …or your Saltwater sandals too would go!

      Can’t wait to see your take! You’re heading into winter so you have tons of opportunities for layering!

      1. Hmm the sandals would be fun! It’s a tad too cold nowadays though so I will try it with my saddle shoes. Hm I DO have a navy coat as well if I want to push it, haha.

  3. I think I have the long-sleeved version of that Gap top tucked away in storage somewhere! I love the loose silhouette on you, it looks really cute and carefree.
    & those two instagram accounts are amazing! Instant follow – I love Yuka’s especially since, like you, I already seem to own a bunch of similar items that will me copy-inspiration easier!
    Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time browsing drop tokyo street pics ( … not everything they post is my style but every once in a while a outfit will pop up that really makes me excited!

    1. Ohh! I hope I get to see the long-sleeved version–that could be really cute too! I would eventually love to try a big-volume bottom (like harem pants) with a big top, but I’m not quite there yet, nor do I have poofy pants. ๐Ÿ˜€

      I’m totally bookmarking the Tokyo street style to drool over later. I wish I were a little more punk so I could pull off the all black looks with short hair and bright makeup! That would be my weekend alter-ego.

  4. I like your blue game (and theirs too)! I decided recently that I would try to transition my wardrobe even further into various shades of blue since those are the most flattering colours on me – and blue has always been my favourite colour as well (after an impassioned love affair with pink as a kid). I gave up on black some years ago when I begrudgingly realised it did nothing for me (well, nothing good anyway..) since I lack sufficient contrast in my features/colours.
    And ha, I’ve been actually looking for those kinds of popovers! But they tend to be all of a boxy cut, whereas I want something fairly fitted.

    1. You raise a good point; I don’t think I’ve seen a fitted popover yet! Maybe because the style is a slip-on that they tend to cut it boxy, so there is less of a struggle getting into it?

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