A trim became a lop. I haven’t had a cut this short in the past four years I’ve been trying to grow this hair. A vague stirring turned into indecision and then finally this at the salon yesterday. I’m ecstatic about the shortened drying time and the swingy-ness of less mass. In time I will return to being a dark-haired mermaid, but for now, this.

*full disclosure: this was a happy medium between completely lopping it off into a chin-length bob but it is stillย short enough to where it differed from my waist-grazing length. The ends were super dead and broken on my previous hair, and at that length it was whipping around my shoulders and back while running and getting stuck on my arms.

I also wish I were strong enough to say I won’t panic and regret this in a few weeks, but in the spirit of growth and maturity: it is hair, it will grow again, and I am fortunate to have a dense mane on my head.

Do you have any style tips or inspiration for looks for this length? I hardly do anything to my mop, maybe it’s time to try something new.


26 thoughts on “Cropped

    1. Thank you Valerie. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really like the Bite Beauty line; this matte crayon is probably one of my best-used Sephora purchases of all time (fragrance excluded.)

      I’m thinking of going even darker with the lip, but I’m still hunting for a deep red-black matte option. Know any good candidates? Not so much brown-red but like a dark purple red or black-red.

  1. You look amazing! I think we may have similar hair (thick, not curly but dries with a wave?), and I use a sea salt spray for texture, twist it into a bun when it’s about half dry, and then use Moroccan hair oil to fight the frizz (it’s a losing battle) when it is dry. If you’re going for something sleeker, always use a round brush when you blow dry your hair.

    I only ever get my hair trimmed these days, and even though the difference in length is only noticeable to me, I still never love my haircut until about a week or two later. As an outside observer though, I can say without bias that you look great, and have nothing to regret!

    1. Thick, slight wave, doesn’t keep curl at all. Blowdrying makes it poof out like Hermione Granger before Sleekeasy (but hey, she’s bloody brilliant so I don’t mind the comparison.) What sort of texture/look does the sea salt spray give? …is it really better than the ocean? (lol) Why don’t I just splosh around Huntington Beach after work…

      Your words reassure me. I’m definitely enjoying the decreased drying time and not having it be as badly snarled when I wake up.

      1. Ah, we have almost the same hair. If nothing else, sea salt spray will give your hair texture (I think of it as a more polished bedhead), and is an adequate substitute for the ocean. Short of filling a spray bottle with water from the ocean (which I have done), I have found that Herbivore’s sea salt lavender spray works best. The pricier and also very effective option I have spent money on is Oribe’s Beach Wave spray. Oribe will DEFINITELY hold a wave.

        I don’t post many photos of myself on my Instagram, but if it’s helpful to you at all, what I do have posted is what my hair usually looks like styled with just sea salt spray and oil.

  2. It looks so great! I love it! I had a moment of regret after I cut mine off earlier this year but yes, it does grow back and it’s fun to have something different.

      1. I went from hair down to about where the underwire of my bra would sit to about collarbone length? I look back at pictures and don’t even know how i dealt with so much hair haha

  3. I think it looks great as a result of those few inches going. Can I use the word sexy? And with the red lippy – you look positively hot. It’s only hair, it will grow if you’re not comfortable but when I look back on my old pictures, I can see there is a length which looks better on me than the length that I wanted to have i.e. too long.

    1. Thank you Sue. I’d like to be both of those adjectives you described.

      I’m actually hoping to push the red lippy into red-plum. I’ve got some Goth leanings I want to indulge in. I just bought a new lipstick crayon for fun; I still feel a bit like an impostor playing with makeup, but I’m not going to get better if I don’t try.

  4. I love it! It’s so cute. You look so chic.

    My hair was that length before I chopped it into a lob. I’ve really been loving the shorter length. It doesn’t catch when I roll over in bed, haha. I can’t say I have any styling suggestions, since I’m terrible at hair. You might want to try a sea salt spray to bring out your natural wave. I use Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe, and I like it.

      1. Not for me, but I’ve got short hair these days. You could test it out – really easy to DIY some sea salt spray, which is what I’ll be doing once the container I have is out.

        Just get some distilled water (or if you’re like me, tap water that’s been Brita’d), and then add salt. Keep tasting until it tastes as salty as a potato chip, which I’ve been told is similar to sea water. But I’m sure you’re much more familiar with what sea water tastes like haha.

  5. It suits you so well ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure you’ll find new ways to style this haircut. And no worries for regrets, I remember feeling that way when I first cut my very long hair (because it takes so long to let them grow!) Chance are you won’t look back. And if you do, hair keeps growing ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. …Kali (Florie!), I’m already getting feedback (some coworkers)–why did you cut it short, men like long hair. blah blah blah. It’s always like this when I go from mermaid to short… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ the women are more supportive (we all know what it’s like to maintain shoulder length + hair.)

      1. Who cares that men like long hair? What do YOU like? It’s unnerving how society around us tries to remind us we should look good for men, and other people in general, and not for ourselves. Anyway, don’t let them impress you, your shorter hair are amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. I try to remember that most of my acquaintance is older and more traditional…arguing with them only creates more tension. But on a poor day, it does grate on the nerves.

        I’ve had a pixie cut before, when I was much thinner. It looked great and I enjoyed it! I might attempt a short bob (to the chin) sometime. I also like how there is pressure to donate my long hair (I did not do so this time)–I am not opposed to the idea, but the length they wanted me to cut to be eligible for donation was too short for mental comfort.

        I’ve resolved to grow and try again, but I hate having these hair debates pop up when I go to chin length. Either someone hates you for the length, or not having donated your hair? No one wins.

        I suppose this is yet another reason why I like to run and climb nowadays–when I do so I feel better afterward and give less you-know-whats. Also you look sweaty and messy anyways, so nice hair is moot.

    1. I’m trying to channel Monochrome Steph (which is really Everyday Steph, let’s face it ๐Ÿ˜› :P) my hair is still long??? then again, I’m coming from ridiculous lengths so I guess you may have a point.

      re: lip–I’ve since bought another Bite lip crayon to layer on top of this one–I thought in the flash it read too brightly. IRL the Bramble color is like wine, but layering the Truffle “plum” color over it gives me that deep saturation. I recently wore the two layered to a wedding; one of these days I’ll redo the combo just for fun on the blog.

  6. The cut really suits you!
    We don’t have the same hair texture but maybe my summer hair routine could work for you? how about doing a few braids on wet/ almost dry hair + add a bit of that seasalt spray (in my case I’ll use a mizani cream gel), let air dry, remove and bonjour, wavy hair without putting heat.

    1. Aissa, I think that is what is next. I had at some point bought mousse for hair but I guess I threw it away in a fit of pique. Will have to find some sea salt sprays and such to try again.

      It’s just a stubborn kind of hair that doesn’t hold! It springs back within minutes.

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