The last few weeks have been incredibly busy, hence the slowdown of posts here.

I think it’s probably easier to show you what I’ve been up to rather than to write about it, so here goes:

I’m still drinking a pile of coffee. Not much of a surprise there.

A macchiato at Hopper and Burr in Santa Ana.

Post-coffee wandering around downtown Santa Ana. Those cutoffs are getting some serious mileage.

Typical Kristina portrait. Poor friends get pressed into snapping my picture when out and about.

Still eating like a teenager, but with none of that youthful metabolism:

Loaded hot dogs, fresh tater tots and potato chips from Joe Schmoe’s.

Attempting to rectify said metabolism with bouts of exercise:

I sent my first V1 (equivalent 5.10 c-d) earlier this month!!! WOOOOOO

More bouts of exercise part 2: night bouldering in the San Bernardino National Forest with people from my climbing gym. Didn’t climb anything because we hit boulders with routes/problems beyond my grade (everything we hit waas V3+). Still had tons of fun shooting photos of the climbers and taking in the views during the hike out, which was probably the most strenuous I’ve ever been on. We got to the campsite at 5 pm and hiked/climbed until 2 am (hehe!)

Early part of the hike (6:30ish pm) so still pretty stoked about nature at this point. At midnight, we took a break to lay on the crash pads to look at the stars. It is something I’d like to see again soon.

Last week I attended the Workhorse Rye x Little Sparrow Cafe event featuring specialty cocktails made with bitters from WHR.

Took home the small bottle of India Pear bitters courtesy of WHR’s Rob Easter. This will be fun to bring to share at my friend’s house later this month.

I chose the “Arabikakozu”: India Pear Bitters, cold brew Four Barrel coffee, Takara Organic Nama Sake, Gran Classico. I would say sake and coffee is an interesting blend. Not something I would normally think would go together, but when done like this it reminded me of a very lime-forward, bitter-lemonade. As with much of my food explorations, these tastes are all very new to me still, so my observations will be disjointed at best.

Finally, my local craft bakery/coffee/beer/eatery Bakers and Baristas celebrated their grand opening last weekend. I went to have brunch at opening and ordered this gourmet twist on a classic Filipino breakfast: skirt steak tapsilog. Tapa is usually cured meat, typically a bit harder and drier, but the chefs decided to play with that interpretation and served up a juicy, tender, medium-rare steak.

skirt steak, garlic fried rice, pickled carrots, poached egg. I love that the chefs are incorporating heritage and experience into the rotating menu. Apparently congee (rice porridge) might be in the works for brunch.

With all this activity, I’ve almost reached my limit of functioning normally (usually, by this point I’d be sick.) Thankfully (or unfortunately) all I’ve had so far is a scratchy throat and a low-grade headache. I think I accepted every social invitation there was to accept, so now I’m craving some normalcy and quiet so I can regroup.

For those of you coming by and reading the blog at this juncture, it’s probably pretty weird to see all these food and coffee posts, isn’t it? (all three or four of you reading out there, haha.) I do have some odd thoughts here and there about fashion, specifically shoes; maybe I’ll write that later on its own.

Hope everyone is having an excellent end to their August! Let me know how you all are doing.


11 thoughts on “life.exe

  1. Gurl I wish we were neighbors, because I want to go out eating with you!!! That food looks so greasy & friggin DELICIOUS!!!!

    1. I can’t like this comment enough!

      Joe Schmoe’s is ridiculous, for sure. They have so many hotdog combos the owner told us he ran out of menu room to print on, so we relied on Yelp and pictures to order some of the more far-out items. The dog on the right is supposed to be “Better than a (Los Angeles) Dodger Dog.” Coworker says it was a good dog–I’ve yet to go to the Dodger Stadium and have the authentic one.

      I wish all of you blog people were my neighbors, I think we’d have fun cackling over many shared interests! 🙂

  2. Sounds fun but busy, hope you get some time to unwind as well! Those hotdogs look insane/amazing. Night bouldering! That sounds too strenuous for me haha, is there a particular reason why you go at night? I’m enjoying your food posts as much as your fashion posts!

    1. It is busy and I am in dire need of unwinding. I’m hoping I can stay put this weekend!

      The group wanted to go at night because the temperatures are cooler, plus it’s kind of a cool and different experience to climb at night. The sunset shots were amazing; I wish I had a better camera body/glass/knowledge to do it justice. I’ll just have to go back very soon!

      I am glad you are liking the food posts! I’m surprising myself–I am gaining the title of foodie among my acquaintances; not sure if I am one yet. Foodie to me means fine dining and I’m definitely more of a hole-in-the-wall gal. 😀

  3. That is quite the active summer you have here 🙂 It’s nice to see you’re still invested in bouldering, it sounds like a lot of fun (and a lot of effort!) I tend to believe fewer blog posts is a good sign that the blogger is enjoying their life.
    On my side August has been quite the boring usual stuff: work, video game expos… We did make a good use of our terrasse and barbecue though, and found some time to discover a couple of restaurants and cafés in Paris which was nice. I’m looking forward to my favourite season of the year now 🙂

    1. It is really fun to climb and to watch the strong people in the gym do impossible things! So inspiring. Also, if other short girls can do great things, why can’t I? 🙂 at least, that’s my current mantra.

      I keep seeing your terrasse and kif posts and I am jealous! I want to have such a nice afternoon snack/hang out. I sit on our patio but it doesn’t look as cool as yours 🙂

      The fall merchandise has already arrived and the retailers are nuts. It’s 90F+! When am I going to wear this plaid flannel shirtdress?? in four months? XD

  4. Bouldering ! I have newfound respect for you. The coolest people I have met so far in life are climbers. Its so intimidating thought. I have been meaning to walk into a climbing gym but never could get myself to do so. Any tips for first time blues ?

    1. Hi Archana! Thanks for coming by my blog. 🙂

      Ask if there’s a first-timer clinic or open-climbing day for beginners. The gym staff, if they’re good, should explain to you the general layout and how to climb at their gym. At my gym, the routes are color-coded. The idea is to only use the holds and foot chips of the same color.

      If you’re bouldering (no harness, and 15 ft-tall walls or less), there should be ample padding below you to land on. Don’t put your hands out to stop your fall; drop down instead of jumping down. Indoor gyms are pretty safe, but it’s always nice to get some instruction and to go with a friend.

      Drink lots of water and take ample rest. You also may want to walk, jog or bike and stretch before climbing, and stretch again when finished. Shoes can be rented, chalk can be bought or rented. In my experience most climbers are really friendly and open about their hobby, so you might end up with new friends if you start going regularly to a certain gym! I’ve yet to meet really grumpy people–you sweat, you’re tired, but man you did something cool and terrifying. That usually takes the grump out of most people.

      Hope you get a chance to try rope climb or bouldering soon!

      1. Kristina,

        Thank you so much for writing to me. I booked myself a newbie orientation at a local climbing gym. And got my husband to plan the date.

        Thank you again for all the tips. I have been wanting to do this for so long.

        – Archana.

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