Hello. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I had a whole late fall blog post planned out (featuring these outfits), but life and the weather got in my way. This is now quite behind, but I hope you can still enjoy this late 2015 sampler micro-wardrobe:

Such fance. -heh-

Tops: Black Gap V-neck sweater, gray tee, cream Zara open cardigan, JCrew embroidered indigo dot shirt, JCrew Factory polka dot popover, blue Gap v-neck sweater

Pants: black Gap straight slacks, brown Gap 1969 corduroy straight pants, Uniqlo slim fit boyfriend jeans, Zara wide-leg denim trousers

Shoes: Gentle Souls Gabby flats, New Balance Fresh Foam Zantes, Clarks oxford/brogues, Camper Nina Right flats

Jacket: olive H&M military jacket

Work wardrobe must:
– be warm enough for the workplace AC, but not be so much so as to be miserably sweaty while being outside
– comfortable and allow for crawling, crouching, lifting and cleaning
– have real pockets

In general I’ve stuck to blacks, blues, and that trusty olive topper. Mix and match ad nauseam. The corduroy pants and the cream open sweater are clothes I rediscovered after my weight and proportions changed yet again. Over the years I’ve gotten rid of items but I’m still holding onto a few pairs because of this exact situation–finding that I fit them again and I still like them. In this particular case, I’m glad these escaped the donation cut.


Mini-purchase update:


Zara denim culottes (but I’m short so they’re wide-leg pants on me.)


Birkenstock Milano in black Amalfi leather
– wasn’t going to keep these but a quick few hole punches to the straps solved my small-volume foot problem. I think I’ll be keeping these–they’re supportive and the heel strap means I’m not sliding around everywhere.


COS dropped shoulder top (UK link, couldn’t find it on US site.)
– I saw a gray cropped sweater on Stephanie a few years ago and subsequently bought its black sibling from Zara. I haven’t been able to shake the idea of skinny sleeves and a wide-cut body, so when COS finally opened in Orange County, I was really happy to find this top. Not that I need any more black clothing…but then again, it IS what I wear without fail, so onto the work/play pile it goes. The fabric is a mix of rayon, spandex and polyester–it drapes well and has a nice solid weight to it. I think it feels like a fluid ponte.

One last month and a half to go in 2015! Hoping to dig deep–the season of extravagant holiday sales is nigh, and treats are so very tempting around this time of year. -eek-


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