California makes no sense. Absolutely no sense. The second week of February in Southern California is supposed to have temperatures reaching in the low 80s. I was enjoying scarves and boots last week and today I saw an 86F on my car’s dashboard. I was hoping for a little bit more “winter” but who knows what we’re getting this year? Anyway, enough griping, onto the important stuff aka #whatiwore:

Dug some stuff out of the storage bin.

A mix of old and some 2015 purchases:
old Forever 21 split neck rayon blouse
Zara denim culottes (more like wide leg pants on me)
Birkenstock Milanos

I’m a late bloomer/adopter of trends so I realize Birks are definitely old and unexciting news in the blogosphere. I’ve had to eat my previously dismissive attitude about these sandals. They’re orthopedically sound and I’m looking forward to wearing the heck out of them later this year.

Hair is growing back.

2016 has been interesting so far. January went by in a flash: I ran my first half-marathon and I learned what to work on, fitness-wise, to become a better runner (need to do more core work and stretching! Needs flexibility!) But then recovering took a week and a half and then I got hit with the worst flu I’ve had to date as an adult. Missed work, couldn’t exercise, didn’t feel like eating/couldn’t eat. This is the first weekend I feel like myself again–I got to run and lift finally! I thought I was doing better allotting more time to rest and recovery, but I suppose a fine-tuning is still needed. More discipline in the realm of sleep–just as much dedication to it as I give toward the myriad of activities I participate in.


9 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Congrats on doing the half marathon!! Sorry to hear you’ve been ill – it’s the worst. Birks do look comfortable but I feel like wearing a sandal that kind of flaps against my feet would annoy me after long periods – do they do that?

    1. So I got the model with ankle straps in the back for stability and I feel that it flaps a lot less? But I’ve never owned the Arizona which is the step-in model. If you get a chance try the Milanos–though there seems to be less color choices with that model (I haven’t seen metallic ones, for example.)

    1. Come come!! I would like a little bit more coat and scarf weather before the inevitable heat!

      Also it is entirely ironic but I just bought waterproof ankle boots and poof! 80-degree weather and NO RAIN whatsoever. Maybe I should buy a swimsuit and perhaps the weather will change again?

  2. I don’t understand the weather here in St. Louis either! On Sunday it was 30 degrees and Friday it’s supposed to be 70? I’ve just given up on trying to understand what’s going on (climate change, that’s what). It has kept things interesting wardrobe-wise though. Save for packing away summer dresses and shorts, I still haven’t been able to transition to a fully winter appropriate closet.

    Also, congrats on the half marathon!

  3. I’m so jealous of your weather – but we’re supposed to get to 60s on the weekend, after a week of 20s so there’s that.

    I LOVE this outfit. You look so chic!

    1. Thank you Dori! We’ve had about 10 hrs of some rain so far, but it’s supposed to go back into the 80s by next week. Come here. Bring some of those 20 degree-days over!

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