Review: Blondo “Valli” Waterproof Ankle Bootie


It’s only been a week (or less!) with these but I’m enjoying my new Blondo “Valli” waterproof ankle booties. My beloved Ecco Sculpted GTX booties of 2013 are still doing okay, but because they ended up being the most comfortable and dependable (MVP during NYC 2014) they’ve been wearing down quicker than I would like. So in my head I thought that if I were to split the wear and tear between two pairs of boots I might be able to add a dressier version and also introduce a slightly different shape into the collection, etc. etc. Okay, I also really wanted another pair of shoes, because shoes. 🙂

I didn’t have much criteria this time around–it just has to be comfortable, supportive (somewhat snug around the midfoot/arch, which is where I have the most trouble fitting shoes), and ideally waterproof. Not that I live in a place with any water action whatsoever, but my mind is always trying to optimize and have items that do double-duty in case of travel (to places with actual weather.) Not to mention the old “buy nice or buy twice.” So all throughout fall and winter I’ve been on the lookout for something low-cut and waterproof to little success, until these.

Blondo is a new brand to me; it seems to come from my northern neighbors in Canada. Note: this particular model of ankle boots is a Nordstrom exclusive and it was initially the suede “Mushroom” model that I tried on while boot-hunting. But since suede is notoriously hard to clean (even though Blondo certifies that their shoes are all made with “Aquaprotect” waterproof treated leathers), I didn’t immediately bite on the suede pair. It wasn’t until the next day when I did a little more research (ah! the wisdom of patience) that I realized Blondo also made a full-leather version, in black, and that magically my size was one of two left online at Nordstrom.

As far as fit, take your standard shoe size. The suede is a softer fit overall; the full leather is still a little stiff around the top of the ankle and will need some break-in time. I’ve been wearing them to work, around town, just about anywhere, really…fastest integration I’ve seen thus yet. Let’s hope they become a wardrobe valuable player* as the year goes by!

“editorial” pose 😀



*from lovely Pret a Porter P‘s post re: Wardrobe MVPs

8 thoughts on “Review: Blondo “Valli” Waterproof Ankle Bootie

  1. I like that these boots have some tread! The Sam Edelman Petty boots are super common on campus, but I can’t stand that they look functionally inappropriate for any less-than-ideal weather

    1. The tread is indeed v good on these! I tried the Sam Edelman Pettys while at the store and while they’re surprisingly okay fit wise, there’s absolutely no grip on their soles whatsoever. But they do offer a nice tan/brown color.

  2. That’s a great classic pair, you wear them very well. Completely agree on the need for multipurpose/functions fashion items, especially shoes. One thing I like is being able to change and put on things I can’t wear 5 days a week or 9 months out of 12 but I also like having the opportunity to wear my stuff 7/7 and almost year round. I know it’s a bit confusing and paradoxical!

  3. Oh my gosh! When I was last in NYC it was raining a lot and I saw the cutest waterproof booties everywhere. And yeah, even though it doesn’t rain much here in Cali I still wanted some, and they can be useful when you travel. These are so cute~

  4. just got these in black suede and going to test them out in the rain in a few hours. cross your fingers for me!

    I’ve been wearing the sam edelman pettys until now. At the store the traction was horrendous but i’ve never had a problem with them anywhere outside of nordstrom’s super glossy floors. They are however starting to look a bit aged and are no where near weatherproof. They’ve even started ripping inside the shoe toe box – NOT ideal.

    SUPER excited to give these a shot. The regular leather looks awesome as well.

    1. Yes!! I hope you’ve been able to road test your Blondos! Mine are holding up well to our very mild showers, and I’m pleased with its comfort and traction. I also considered the Sam Edelmans–not sure if they were the Pettys but the shape is very similar. It’s comfortable in store, but not as useful anywhere else.

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