It’s been a while since I’ve done this but here are some pics of recent outfits worn:

Monday: Everlane cotton sweater v-neck in heather gray, Banana Republic cropped skinny jean
Tuesday: old Uniqlo 3/4 sleeve dot dress
Wednesday: old Forever 21 jersey sleeveless dress, Heattech long-sleeve shirt under
Thursday: old JCrew boy shirt in polka dot, old Target Mossimo ankle pants
Friday: Everlane cotton sweater v-neck in heather gray, old Gap Real Straight corduroy pants

Visit to Everlane Showroom

2170 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

The newest piece is the gray sweater from Everlane, a brand I’ve heard much of and seen for quite a while since I started writing on the blog. I had an opportunity to visit the store’s showroom in San Francisco during my recent trip–it was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone visiting the area; I got a better idea of fit and quality of many key pieces.

Showroom area. Behind the mirror are the workstations for Everlane employees.

Linen tees and shoe display.

Currently, to view the showroom you must make an appointment at either their SF or NY location. The staff person who attended us was very personable and helpful–I can’t remember her name now but she gave great customer service. Neither of us didn’t expect to buy anything but between my friend and I we ordered:

my cotton sweater v-neck in heather gray
we both got the cotton poplin culotte (both in black)
she got the cotton poplin pleated skirt (in navy, which is actually a richer, more vibrant blue in person than in pictures)

all of which was sent to our respective homes with free two-day shipping. For the culottes, a light press with an iron gets rid of most of the wrinkles, but otherwise the fabric feels very light and crisp–this will be necessary for surviving the upcoming heatwaves and yet still looking somewhat presentable for work.

Unfortunately for my wallet’s future, I also got a look at the following which are now on my “hmm…” list:

the swing trench in sage (I took a S for layering purposes–I wear stuff in US 6-8 Regular or 8-10 Petite. I don’t need another olive jacket, but this falls so nicely and the fabric is a comfortable weight that I go, hmm. Probably better suited for those of you with actual climates; it would be underutilized where I live)
the cashmere cropped sweater in grey (I think I took a M in this one. The cropped fit is what I was going for; liked the slightly longer back hem, but again not going to need this with the climate I live in. Would buy a cotton cropped version though, ASAP)

Anyhow, my post got away from me–this was only supposed to be a quick “what I wore last week” but it rambled on. It’s really been a long while since I’ve written anything and it feels good to want to write again. I tried on other Everlane favorites during my visit so if you have any questions, drop me a line!


9 thoughts on “OOTDs: June 2016, Week 2 | Everlane SF Showroom Visit

  1. So good to see you writing here again! And you’ve inspired me to make an appointment to visit the showroom. I’ve had my eye on that cropped cashmere sweater for a while, and have hesitated to buy it as well – more so because I just own too many sweaters, but also since cropped anything rarely looks good on me.

    Do you think you’ll have to get your culottes hemmed?

    1. Kathy, no hemming required. I’ll try to make time to shoot the length. I wear it at my natural waist and it comes to right above the ankle bone for me. If you put your phone in the pockets it drags it down a little lower. I think it’s a good cropped length for shorties, personally!

      As for the cropped cashmere, if you do get it I think one size up looks better, more slouchy. It looked good with the culottes (I forgot to take a pic.) I was a little too antsy to pay much attention, plus my friend was waiting for me to get out of the dressing room for her turn to try stuff on.

      Go go appointment ASAP!

  2. Good to see you back here 🙂 I especially love the culottes you picked up, I want to see how you wear them!

    I have been eyeing things from Everlane but whenever they have the international shipping window the things I want are never in stock. Did you happen to try on any of their poplin button down shirts? I’m worried they’d be too long on me, since I’d wear a larger size than their model, who is substantially taller than me haha.

    1. I am very much looking forward to wearing the heck out of them this summer. Stay tuned.

      For the poplin shirts–I did not get to try on the standard button downs! But my friend and I tried their square cotton poplin shirt which was definitely oversized–you can size one down in those for sure. And I also tried on the square silk shirt in which I took a size 4, not that the materials are the same but if you look at the square shirts they look almost cropped on the model. On me, it covered the top pelvic area but not the crotch aka it’s a perfect length (hides the wiggly bits.)

      …d’oh I didn’t know they didn’t have full time international shipping. Ouch. Have you ever tried those third party forwarding services?

      1. Oh great, thanks for the info!

        I’ve never tried the forwarding services, the prices they charge a still a bit too painful for me. I don’t know if Everlane only does international shipping occasionally because it really is too difficult logistically, or if it’s a marketing ploy to get international customers to rush to buy loads of things in the shipping window!

  3. I have that Uniqlo dress! Cool photos, and I always like seeing outfit posts on the blogs I follow.

    I really should take advantage of the NYC showrooms for a few online-only brands that have them here (both Everlane and MM Lafleur) when or if I’m interested in buying something. I find it so hard to make time for in-person shopping activities, though.

    1. Isn’t it a travesty that Uniqlo has yet to release another dress like it? I would buy a plain navy one in a heartbeat!

      I hope you get to check out the NYC one–I think it’s really brand-new because when I made my reservation for SF it wasn’t even an option 🙂 Be prepared though–you’ll probably end up ordering something for sure 🙂 perhaps in that case delaying your visit would be a good thing!

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