OOTDs: June 2016, Week 3

Back at it again with the outfits.

Monday: old JCrew Factory polka dot popover, old Uniqlo boyfriend ankle length jeans
Tuesday: old Gap v-neck sweater, Gap striped skirt
Wednesday: old Nike Dri-Fit long-sleeved zip up, Nike Legend sleeveless tank, Nike Legend capri pants in tight fit
Thursday: old H&M military jacket, old Muji short-sleeved checked shirt, Target Mossimo ankle pants
Friday: old JCrew Factory polka dot chambray buttondown, Target Mossimo ankle pants

In general:

  • a feeling of satisfaction when I reach for my clothes in that it is the best possible iteration for me. The striped skirt, the chambray shirt, and the H&M jacket are all examples of items that when I first purchased them, there were details about them that bothered me. The skirt has an exposed zipper in the back, the jacket didn’t look tailored on me, and the chambray shirt was falling apart in less than a month! But after some repairs, and some time to reflect on these purchases, they end up being the things I reach for again and again.
  • learning about what I really wear on a day-to-day basis. When I started this blog I didn’t know what my specific needs were, so I bought clothes and accessories to fit the “office” life I thought I’d entered. Turns out my workplace is far more casual than my previous idealized preppy-style. The blue Gap v-neck sweater (and the other 2 colors I purchased) have been staple fall/winter tops, chosen for being thin, amenable to layering, and the v-neck and oversize fit being flattering. Now that the cotton/silk blend fabric is beginning to show its age, I’ve begun to keep an eye out for replacements (see Everlane v-neck sweater.)

On athletic wear:

  • buy the thing that makes you excited to get back outside.  I don’t have to have an all-Nike kit (even though that’s totally what happened this week) but as long as it is reasonable I do try to buy what I like, what fits right, and what makes me look damn good.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far! Can you believe we’re almost halfway through 2016?


3 thoughts on “OOTDs: June 2016, Week 3

  1. My favourite is the first outfit! I never ended up buying the uniqlo boyfriend jeans, and then they changed the style to something I don’t like anymore, sigh. Feeling satisfied when getting dressed is the best – I’ve been feeling more like that this year as well.

      1. I think it’s cause I know what makes me feel confident now, and also I’ve got a couple of outfit formulas now so if I happen to put on something I’m unsure about in the morning I just take it off and fall back on something tried-and-true!

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