OOTDs: June 2016, Week 4

Here I go again on my own:

Monday: ?  gifted cotton tank purchased in Hawaii, Everlane culottes
Tuesday (not photographed)
Wednesday: Target Merona black v-neck flowy tank, Everlane culottes
Thursday: old Madewell linen striped pocket v-neck tee, old Zara denim culottes
Friday: old Forever 21 rayon/viscose split neck top, Uniqlo boyfriend fit ankle jeans

It’s been so hot that I’ve been scrambling to identify what to wear to work. I didn’t really succeed this week. I feel like dressy goes out the door when the heat goes up. It also doesn’t help that my footwear choices are limited; my Gentle Souls flats are so beat up, they’re embarrassing to wear out in public. So thus begins the footwear search once more.

My shoe wishlist includes:
– something in the shape of the Sam Edelman Trina sandals. Neutral, low, simple two strap construction. I’d prefer a stacked heel rather than the metallic one.
– red ballet flats. and red sneakers.
– gold or silver flats

But then I just wrote all that and thinking of looking for all of those different shoes frustrates me, so maybe I’ll just go and buy another pair of Nike Flyknit Frees.


6 thoughts on “OOTDs: June 2016, Week 4

  1. I totally feel you. I have no idea how to dress work-appropriate when it’s hot out, especially if I have to walk more than 10mins to get there. At one point earlier this year, I had to walk 20-30mins in the heat to get to hospital and I had to resort to taking a change of clothes!

    1. Do you get to store stuff at the hospital? It might making changing easier…I’ve left flats and a jacket and sweater in my cube now. I’m sure the collection will grow.

      So I kid you not–I just spent the last three hours on laundry, ironing, packing my backpack, and I just laid out my workout stuff for the biking commute. What I have absolutely no clue on is what to wear to work tomorrow, despite bloglife and a closet full of black shirts.

      …I’m probably going to wear one of those black shirts I just ironed.


  2. I love the print on that tank top from Hawaii.

    I haven’t been wearing any of my ballet flats while commuting and try to avoid wearing them outdoors, as they get beat up so fast. Shoes are probably my least favorite thing to shop for so it always takes forever to find something when I’m looking for new ones.

    1. Thank you Xin! It took me a while before I warmed up to it but now it’s been a great top for work.

      Do you switch shoes when you arrive at work then? Or keep them at your destination?

  3. When it’s hot out, I have a hard time getting out of the house in something other than a t-shirt, haha. Your outfits on the other hand look so polished!

    1. Thank you Jessica! I’m trying to stay polished, but I’m with you on those inevitable t-shirt days. Today is one such day, but it’s okay cause it’s the end of the week. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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