OOTDs: June 2016, Week 5 (End)

Last week of outfits for the month of June:

Monday: old Cotton On crop tee, Uniqlo ankle boyfriend jeans
Tuesday: Forever 21 floral print button front dress
Wednesday: Taylor Stitch Katherine oxford shirt in washed black, Uniqlo ankle boyfriend jeans
Thursday: old JCrew Factory check camp shirt, Gap real straight pants, Gap belt

I can’t stand how schlubby/disheveled I’ve been on the bike-to-work days (MWF) that I’ve been inspired to try a little harder on my driving days (TuTh). To me, the air feels humid lately–or maybe it’s just the house, but I don’t feel crisp in my clothes. And I don’t like the restlessness that comes with summer dressing–I don’t need new gear, I just need to be happy with what is already there. At least for workwear bottoms and tops.

Thus concludes our June series of OOTDs! I may leave small musings here and there as I see fit, but it’s been fun to write semi-regularly again.


7 thoughts on “OOTDs: June 2016, Week 5 (End)

    1. Jane–re: belt I am personally more comfy without one, but I feel that it looks better with a belt on! And I used to hate doing the half tuck but here I am. And with a sleeve roll to boot. πŸ˜›

  1. How do you feel about the sleeve length for your taylor stitch shirt? I usually purchase petite sizes so it’s a little bit hard to tell from their size charts. I don’t really encounter alot of reviews online from women.

    1. Christina, hi! Your comment gave me the energy to finish a draft I had in my folder: it’s now a post!

      But to answer your question, I too am petite and I would take the smaller size if you’re in between (I can wear an S or M women’s regular depending on the brand.) For TS, a Small size will be tailored in the body. The sleeves come down to the base of my thumb when holding my hands at my sides.

      I wrote a bunch of stuff and I put the shirt measurements on the post. I hope it helps! Let me know if there’s anything else I can address.

      1. Hey, thanks for the quick response! I tried to contact customer service about the measurements and they replied with a chart and an odd looking diagram of a shirt as well, which didn’t really answer my question since I’m horrible at trying to figure out diagrams. I was reading your post and it seems like with the first picture, it looks like the sleeves are too long, but in the second picture it looks like the shirt fits just right on you. Considering that the sleeves are 24 inches from your measurements, it would seem like that the sleeves would be too long for me anyways, so you’ve answered my question. haha, sorry this is so long winded. The chart that was given to me indicated that the sleeves for a small are 31.75 inches starting from the back of the neck of the shirt, or the middle of the back, which matches your measurements since the shoulder is 16 inches. Thanks for posting about this!

      2. You’re welcome. In the second picture I’m kind of pulling my arms back and it pulled the sleeves back along with it.

        Where do you typically buy your shirts?

  2. Your question made me reevaluate my shopping habits because I seem to have a lot of shirts that I don’t wear. haha. I have various shirts from different retailers such as Loft, Ann Taylor, Brooks Brothers, Zara, J crew, and uniqlo. I hate going to a Brooks Brothers store because it seems rather pretentious and intimidating going inside, but their sales are quite wonderful, especially during the holidays. If you sift through all of the boring looking clothing, sometimes you find something rather beautiful and of good quality. I’m a little bit wary of buying shirts that aren’t petite because I often get shirts that are a bit too big for me, or doesn’t fit quite right.
    If you’re asking about clothes in general, that list would be a little bit longer. I love clothes and unfortunately I have a bad habit of buying clothes I don’t wear too often. This is only because the dress code at work is very casual and it’s quite unusual to see someone wearing something formal, or even business casual unless it’s for a meeting or something. I considered Everlane for a little bit but the only things I like from them are the shoes and the backpacks.
    I’ve looked through your blog and I love your style!

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