I had a post idea bubble up this morning as I was doing my makeup so I thought, let’s run with this inspiration and fire up the good ol’ blog! So here I am with a mid-year update; let’s get down to business, ne? Prepare thineself for the copious selfies–thou hast been warned.

The Glow-Up
I started writing/posting in 2013, and I wore nothing / pressed powder only:

December 2013. I miss this crazy long hair. I was living out my Zooey Deschanel/MPDG dreams with the bangs and specs.

In 2014 I lost twenty pounds, grew more hair (that remained tangled, lol), and made a little routine called the “Five Minute Face” that began with my brows. It felt pretty good, and I enjoyed doing my eyebrows so I kept it up.

DSC_0497 rsz
No mascara, just brows and bb cream and powder.

2015 events brought the introduction of eyeliner and lipcolor, to varying success:

2016– muscle memory and control is a little better. Started looking for a nude lip color and bought a few new brushes to add to the makeup bag.

Brow game solid by 2016.

2017’s Everyday Face no longer takes a mere five minutes, because I’ve since expanded my skill set. Here’s what I use on a regular basis (some steps optional):


From left to right:

    1. Lorac Pro to Go Eye/Cheek Palette
    2. NARS Radiance Enhancing Light Optimizing Primer
    3. Rimmel Matte BB Cream 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup in Medium
    4. Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara in 001 Black
    5. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Pencil in 005 Nude
    6. L’Oreal Infallible The Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner in Black
    7. Rimmel Brow this Way Brow Gel in Clear
    8. L’Oreal True Match Pressed Powder in N3 – Natural Buff
    9. Nyx Blush in PB01 Mocha
    10. Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray

In general:

    • Moisturizer with SPF (not photographed), NARS primer on eyes, BB cream, pressed powder.
    • Brow routine which is filling in sparse areas with a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow close to my hair color; Rimmel brow gel to set.
    • Eyes. I create my own version of a “cut crease” or what I think looks like a cut crease, but is really just a smudge of something, with the Lorac palette. Or if I’m in a rush and only can do one color, I use single MAC pots in a non-descript brown just to have some color on the eyelids. Optional: I’ll tightline the lower waterline with nude pencil for work, smudge the gold/bronze color if I’m in the mood. Same with mascara or eyeliner. If I’m wearing all of the above, I consider that my “fleekest” for the day. Not really. It still looks pretty restrained.
    • Blush because why not. Concealer if I really need it, but I tend to forget/eliminate this step.
    • Setting spray when done.

I like what I’ve been doing so far:

Not photographed, on lips: NARS Matte Lip Pencil in Bansar

Hair’s all poofy.

This definitely takes a little longer than five minutes–I’d say about twenty, because I’m a lot more picky about my eyebrows and the eyeshadows when I do this. I’ve had days where I overfilled the brows and looked pretty silly or was sloppy on blending the shadow. But overall I really like where I am right now with the routine and while I am not quite yet a glazed donut perhaps 2018 might be my year! Maybe contouring will be passe by the time I get to it?

14 thoughts on “Everyday Face – June 2017 edition

  1. your brows are gorgeous on you!
    Girl you gotta try the Milani Make it Last spray, impossible to find, but so worth it. My friend hunted 6 different drug stores until she found one and bought the last 2 they had.

  2. I want to get to your level but have a lot of trouble matching any kind of base color to my skin. Your 2017 look is really clean and beautiful.

    1. Thank you LL ❤ I'm using BB cream, so I'm not sure how to match actual foundation either. Have you ever visited any makeup counters? I find that going on a week day allows for more time and better service because they're less harried.

  3. Brow game is super strong! Mine are patchy not from over plucking or anything, infact I barely touch them, they just grow that way but I figure with the fringe (bangs to you), no one really notices as they can’t be seen much. But I have noticed the transformation – it’s a good one. I’ve some way to go to reach your levels yet as I’m too scared of putting too much on incase it looks like I’m filling in the lines. I’ve a good twenty years on you I think. x

    1. I love the translation!

      The transformation is very real. I felt a little humbled while digging up the photos, remembering the state of mind that accompanied them.

      I think the key to the brow filling is really muscle memory / figuring out how much pigment to deposit. I’m all for folks that want a bold brow / beat face for an every day look, and I’ve certainly had my share of a heavy hand, but it’s really about paying attention and practice (like every wise person always says, n’est-ce pas?) I also hate to admit it but the right brushes/tools do make a difference. For the brows/powder style of fill, I’ve had the most success with a fine and longer-haired, soft angled brush as opposed to a short haired compact one which doesn’t (IMO) allow me to shade as well.

      Have you tried any of the spooly-gel type stuff like Glossier Boy Brow or any comparable brow gel? It might be a gentler fill, perhaps?

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