2017’s Best Hits

Hi! I thought I’d write some of my thoughts down; it’s been far too long since I’ve engaged in my usual blathering on this blog. 2017 was a hell of a year and I couldn’t have predicted all the things that happened in it. Personally, I experienced a lot of joys, but also appreciated the growing pains of adulthood and responsibility in general. I guess that’s intentionally vague, since I have no desire to turn this into a confessional. Suffice it to say, shopping (read: spending on clothes) hasn’t been a top priority when there’s other real-life s*** going down.

With that being said of COURSE I did end up buying a thing or two (or three) because life is inevitable and I’m still a consumer at the core. Ready for some over-analysis and proselytizing AF?!

2017: why you stop writing, Kristina? and …you bought more gray sweaters?


1. Sweaters

This came from the fact that I went to Seattle in August wearing the exact same travel outfit as two years prior, except the navy sweater was definitely pilled and faded compared to pictures before. I love those light weight Gap v-neck sweaters to bits, you’ll see me wearing those for about 9 months out of the year except for during SoCal Death Summers when my personal style suffers because you can’t take your own skin off to cool down.

Total sweater acquisitions:
(2) Old Navy – one black, one gray
(1) Everlane – one gray cropped
(3) Target – gray, forest green, pink heather
(1) Banana Republic – thrifted/hand-me-down from my aunt

7 sweaters seems like a lot when you live in a desert, y’all. But does the fact that I wear them to work excuse this rate of consumption?

2. New bottoms

I had a decent first half of the year running and working out until I popped my back on squats and I lost the desire to run. My body’s shape is changing yet again. I also learned that as much as I thought I could emulate trendy influencerzzz on Instagram, I’m better served with mid-rise pants and I need detox teas to fit in high-rise anything.

Total new bottoms:
(4) Gap jeans – 2 real straights, 1 boot cut, 1 thrifted/hand-me-down boot cut that needs hemming (I still don’t know if I’m keeping the boot cuts.)
(1) Target black work pants
(1) Levi’s cut off shorts

3. Surprise buys

I try not to let this become a habit, but throughout the year I did fall prey to a few impulse buys, mostly fueled by travel. The Coach wristlet was a surprise in that I like using it solo as a clutch as well as a mega wallet inside my regular bag.

4. Beauty

2017 was the year of beauty, or at least participating in the giant machine that is women’s skincare and makeup. For someone barely getting their feet wet in the massive abyss of serums and essences and potions oh my, this ended up being a new pie slice in my expense chart. Granted, the Tartelette palette was a very good Christmas gift, but I still managed to acquire:

(1) Byredo EDP (I like Blanche, but I bought a different scent) 100 mL
(2) Skinfood Royal Honey Propolis Essence : I enjoyed the Propolis face mask so I got the essence in a bottle. I put this under my makeup in the daytime and before I go to sleep; takes care of dryness, light weight, feels like doing a sheet mask every day.
(1) Tartelette Toasted eye palette (Christmas present!)

I’ll probably need more of the essence in a few months, but I also have sheet masks and other samples to consume to fill in the gaps.



How did I do? Did I buy too many sweaters? (yes, even if they were on sale.) What areas did you find yourself spending the most on in 2017? Leave me a note below–I do miss writing here!

10 thoughts on “2017’s Best Hits

  1. You’re back! I think you bought a lot of practical, useful garments. It’s been fun keeping up with you on Instagram, but I do miss your blog posts.

    As a side note, I feel you regarding gym injuries. I herniated a disc deadlifting a couple of years ago and it took me a long time to recover and get back into lifting.

    1. Re: lifting

      I’m so sorry about your herniated disc, that sounds incredibly painful! I’m still undecided as to my 2018 fitness goals (I think having a gym schedule would be a major milestone at this point.)

      actually, you, Xin, and Pret were my inspiration for picking up the keyboard again. hope to be writing more later this year 🙂

  2. Count me in as another person who doesn’t “get” high rise jeans. Even when I’m only recently recovered from a long bout of stomach flu, I’m still very soft in the lower abdomen, so high rise tends not to be a good look. I have, however, decided to keep a pair of Uniqlo’s “high rise”, slim straight leg-ish jeans as a stopgap while I wait for my preferred wash of Gap’s petite skinny jeans to come back in stock in a few weeks. After a few weeks without jeans, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and who knows, maybe it’s a good thing for me to experiment with a slightly different jeans silhouette.

    I’ve used up a full bottle of the Skinfood Propolis essence before – it’s nice, though I ended up preferring CosRx’s snail products instead.

    1. Where is the most reliable place to order CosRx? I know they’re slightly more pricey than Skinfood…or am I mistaken?

      I need to go find a counter where I can sample/allergy test everything!

  3. I’ve seen that Tarte palette on YT, looks like a good choice. And it seems like Tarte consistently makes good (but maybe under-rated) palettes. I thought it gets pretty cool in the evenings in a desert climate and indoor AC can be pretty intense, so sweaters are justified.

    I’d shudder if compiled my beauty expenses last year. I’m debating whether I should do it this year. It’s already high in 2018.

    1. This is my first item from Tarte and I’m quite happy with it! The hype is real about how they make products with great color payoff and texture (I had a friend who recommended one of their popular blushes to me years ago.)

      Would you count beauty procedures (hair, skin treatments) into the tally or just strictly products?

    1. Thank you Alicia! I tried several stalling tactics and also repairing stuff made me feel more proud about what I already had–but the sweater thing was just too good to pass up on. 😀

      The only problem is I think I’ll probably fall prey to a couple sneaker purchases soon! I want more dadcore NBs.

  4. Sorry about the late reply. I totally missed this post. Which scent did you buy? I like Blanche but it gives me a headache (as most scents do). My personal favourite is Black Saffron.

    Funny to read that not everyone likes high rise jeans. They’re the only jeans that I wear. Mind you, I always wear longer tops. I couldn’t pull of the trendy tucked-in-sweater look with these thighs haha.

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