Hi, I’m Kristina, and welcome to Uniformly Dressed.

I have always been interested in clothing, style, and fashion, but have never written down my thoughts in one place. Before, I didn’t care what I looked like, but now that I’m older, I realize how much public perception can play a role in getting us where we want to go–and I want to go to better places. I have not found anyone in the blogging world who looks like me. I also want to develop and refine what I call “the life uniform”–a wardrobe that encompasses any possible scenario I might find myself in–work, party, play, at rest, or on an adventure.

My personal style principles are as follows:

I want to dress appropriately and efficiently for any situation in simple but elegant clothing.
I put priority on the comfort, utility, affordability and flexibility of a garment within my wardrobe.

I hope to learn new things and make meaningful connections  with like-minded people. Most of all, I want to have fun and I will write because I want to.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Comment here or email me at uniformlydressedkipi@gmail.com.


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