OOTDs: June 2016, Week 5 (End)

Last week of outfits for the month of June:

Monday: old Cotton On crop tee, Uniqlo ankle boyfriend jeans
Tuesday: Forever 21 floral print button front dress
Wednesday: Taylor Stitch Katherine oxford shirt in washed black, Uniqlo ankle boyfriend jeans
Thursday: old JCrew Factory check camp shirt, Gap real straight pants, Gap belt

I can’t stand how schlubby/disheveled I’ve been on the bike-to-work days (MWF) that I’ve been inspired to try a little harder on my driving days (TuTh). To me, the air feels humid lately–or maybe it’s just the house, but I don’t feel crisp in my clothes. And I don’t like the restlessness that comes with summer dressing–I don’t need new gear, I just need to be happy with what is already there. At least for workwear bottoms and tops.

Thus concludes our June series of OOTDs! I may leave small musings here and there as I see fit, but it’s been fun to write semi-regularly again.


OOTDs: June 2016, Week 4

Here I go again on my own:

Monday: ?  gifted cotton tank purchased in Hawaii, Everlane culottes
Tuesday (not photographed)
Wednesday: Target Merona black v-neck flowy tank, Everlane culottes
Thursday: old Madewell linen striped pocket v-neck tee, old Zara denim culottes
Friday: old Forever 21 rayon/viscose split neck top, Uniqlo boyfriend fit ankle jeans

It’s been so hot that I’ve been scrambling to identify what to wear to work. I didn’t really succeed this week. I feel like dressy goes out the door when the heat goes up. It also doesn’t help that my footwear choices are limited; my Gentle Souls flats are so beat up, they’re embarrassing to wear out in public. So thus begins the footwear search once more.

My shoe wishlist includes:
– something in the shape of the Sam Edelman Trina sandals. Neutral, low, simple two strap construction. I’d prefer a stacked heel rather than the metallic one.
– red ballet flats. and red sneakers.
– gold or silver flats

But then I just wrote all that and thinking of looking for all of those different shoes frustrates me, so maybe I’ll just go and buy another pair of Nike Flyknit Frees.

OOTDs: June 2016, Week 2 | Everlane SF Showroom Visit

OOTDs: June 2016, Week 2 | Everlane SF Showroom Visit

It’s been a while since I’ve done this but here are some pics of recent outfits worn:

Monday: Everlane cotton sweater v-neck in heather gray, Banana Republic cropped skinny jean
Tuesday: old Uniqlo 3/4 sleeve dot dress
Wednesday: old Forever 21 jersey sleeveless dress, Heattech long-sleeve shirt under
Thursday: old JCrew boy shirt in polka dot, old Target Mossimo ankle pants
Friday: Everlane cotton sweater v-neck in heather gray, old Gap Real Straight corduroy pants

Visit to Everlane Showroom

2170 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

The newest piece is the gray sweater from Everlane, a brand I’ve heard much of and seen for quite a while since I started writing on the blog. I had an opportunity to visit the store’s showroom in San Francisco during my recent trip–it was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone visiting the area; I got a better idea of fit and quality of many key pieces.

Showroom area. Behind the mirror are the workstations for Everlane employees.

Linen tees and shoe display.

Currently, to view the showroom you must make an appointment at either their SF or NY location. The staff person who attended us was very personable and helpful–I can’t remember her name now but she gave great customer service. Neither of us didn’t expect to buy anything but between my friend and I we ordered:

my cotton sweater v-neck in heather gray
we both got the cotton poplin culotte (both in black)
she got the cotton poplin pleated skirt (in navy, which is actually a richer, more vibrant blue in person than in pictures)

all of which was sent to our respective homes with free two-day shipping. For the culottes, a light press with an iron gets rid of most of the wrinkles, but otherwise the fabric feels very light and crisp–this will be necessary for surviving the upcoming heatwaves and yet still looking somewhat presentable for work.

Unfortunately for my wallet’s future, I also got a look at the following which are now on my “hmm…” list:

the swing trench in sage (I took a S for layering purposes–I wear stuff in US 6-8 Regular or 8-10 Petite. I don’t need another olive jacket, but this falls so nicely and the fabric is a comfortable weight that I go, hmm. Probably better suited for those of you with actual climates; it would be underutilized where I live)
the cashmere cropped sweater in grey (I think I took a M in this one. The cropped fit is what I was going for; liked the slightly longer back hem, but again not going to need this with the climate I live in. Would buy a cotton cropped version though, ASAP)

Anyhow, my post got away from me–this was only supposed to be a quick “what I wore last week” but it rambled on. It’s really been a long while since I’ve written anything and it feels good to want to write again. I tried on other Everlane favorites during my visit so if you have any questions, drop me a line!

Review: Blondo “Valli” Waterproof Ankle Bootie


It’s only been a week (or less!) with these but I’m enjoying my new Blondo “Valli” waterproof ankle booties. My beloved Ecco Sculpted GTX booties of 2013 are still doing okay, but because they ended up being the most comfortable and dependable (MVP during NYC 2014) they’ve been wearing down quicker than I would like. So in my head I thought that if I were to split the wear and tear between two pairs of boots I might be able to add a dressier version and also introduce a slightly different shape into the collection, etc. etc. Okay, I also really wanted another pair of shoes, because shoes. 🙂

I didn’t have much criteria this time around–it just has to be comfortable, supportive (somewhat snug around the midfoot/arch, which is where I have the most trouble fitting shoes), and ideally waterproof. Not that I live in a place with any water action whatsoever, but my mind is always trying to optimize and have items that do double-duty in case of travel (to places with actual weather.) Not to mention the old “buy nice or buy twice.” So all throughout fall and winter I’ve been on the lookout for something low-cut and waterproof to little success, until these.

Blondo is a new brand to me; it seems to come from my northern neighbors in Canada. Note: this particular model of ankle boots is a Nordstrom exclusive and it was initially the suede “Mushroom” model that I tried on while boot-hunting. But since suede is notoriously hard to clean (even though Blondo certifies that their shoes are all made with “Aquaprotect” waterproof treated leathers), I didn’t immediately bite on the suede pair. It wasn’t until the next day when I did a little more research (ah! the wisdom of patience) that I realized Blondo also made a full-leather version, in black, and that magically my size was one of two left online at Nordstrom.

As far as fit, take your standard shoe size. The suede is a softer fit overall; the full leather is still a little stiff around the top of the ankle and will need some break-in time. I’ve been wearing them to work, around town, just about anywhere, really…fastest integration I’ve seen thus yet. Let’s hope they become a wardrobe valuable player* as the year goes by!

“editorial” pose 😀



*from lovely Pret a Porter P‘s post re: Wardrobe MVPs



California makes no sense. Absolutely no sense. The second week of February in Southern California is supposed to have temperatures reaching in the low 80s. I was enjoying scarves and boots last week and today I saw an 86F on my car’s dashboard. I was hoping for a little bit more “winter” but who knows what we’re getting this year? Anyway, enough griping, onto the important stuff aka #whatiwore:

Dug some stuff out of the storage bin.

A mix of old and some 2015 purchases:
old Forever 21 split neck rayon blouse
Zara denim culottes (more like wide leg pants on me)
Birkenstock Milanos

I’m a late bloomer/adopter of trends so I realize Birks are definitely old and unexciting news in the blogosphere. I’ve had to eat my previously dismissive attitude about these sandals. They’re orthopedically sound and I’m looking forward to wearing the heck out of them later this year.

Hair is growing back.

2016 has been interesting so far. January went by in a flash: I ran my first half-marathon and I learned what to work on, fitness-wise, to become a better runner (need to do more core work and stretching! Needs flexibility!) But then recovering took a week and a half and then I got hit with the worst flu I’ve had to date as an adult. Missed work, couldn’t exercise, didn’t feel like eating/couldn’t eat. This is the first weekend I feel like myself again–I got to run and lift finally! I thought I was doing better allotting more time to rest and recovery, but I suppose a fine-tuning is still needed. More discipline in the realm of sleep–just as much dedication to it as I give toward the myriad of activities I participate in.

Wardrobe update – 4Q 2015

Wardrobe update – 4Q 2015

Hello. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I had a whole late fall blog post planned out (featuring these outfits), but life and the weather got in my way. This is now quite behind, but I hope you can still enjoy this late 2015 sampler micro-wardrobe:

Such fance. -heh-

Tops: Black Gap V-neck sweater, gray tee, cream Zara open cardigan, JCrew embroidered indigo dot shirt, JCrew Factory polka dot popover, blue Gap v-neck sweater

Pants: black Gap straight slacks, brown Gap 1969 corduroy straight pants, Uniqlo slim fit boyfriend jeans, Zara wide-leg denim trousers

Shoes: Gentle Souls Gabby flats, New Balance Fresh Foam Zantes, Clarks oxford/brogues, Camper Nina Right flats

Jacket: olive H&M military jacket

Work wardrobe must:
– be warm enough for the workplace AC, but not be so much so as to be miserably sweaty while being outside
– comfortable and allow for crawling, crouching, lifting and cleaning
– have real pockets

In general I’ve stuck to blacks, blues, and that trusty olive topper. Mix and match ad nauseam. The corduroy pants and the cream open sweater are clothes I rediscovered after my weight and proportions changed yet again. Over the years I’ve gotten rid of items but I’m still holding onto a few pairs because of this exact situation–finding that I fit them again and I still like them. In this particular case, I’m glad these escaped the donation cut.


Mini-purchase update:


Zara denim culottes (but I’m short so they’re wide-leg pants on me.)


Birkenstock Milano in black Amalfi leather
– wasn’t going to keep these but a quick few hole punches to the straps solved my small-volume foot problem. I think I’ll be keeping these–they’re supportive and the heel strap means I’m not sliding around everywhere.


COS dropped shoulder top (UK link, couldn’t find it on US site.)
– I saw a gray cropped sweater on Stephanie a few years ago and subsequently bought its black sibling from Zara. I haven’t been able to shake the idea of skinny sleeves and a wide-cut body, so when COS finally opened in Orange County, I was really happy to find this top. Not that I need any more black clothing…but then again, it IS what I wear without fail, so onto the work/play pile it goes. The fabric is a mix of rayon, spandex and polyester–it drapes well and has a nice solid weight to it. I think it feels like a fluid ponte.

One last month and a half to go in 2015! Hoping to dig deep–the season of extravagant holiday sales is nigh, and treats are so very tempting around this time of year. -eek-




Hueman x Madsteez piece at Pow!Wow! Long Beach.

I haven’t had much time to write in the last two weeks–I have photos to share; I always do. But there hasn’t been much time for self-reflection as life calls me to other places.  I had a quiet start to the year, but there are a bunch of social engagements lined up for the summer. It’s a good time to mingle and reconnect with friends and family–I am exhausted, but I welcome it. All too soon I am sure I will retreat into my shell, for self-preservation, but for now, the oyster is here to play.

The only new item I’ve invested in for the summer (so far) is this jersey trapeze dress which is actually a close dupe of this Brandy Melville Alena dress. Both are made from a good-draping, opaque jersey, but I’ll say that the Brandy Melville one is a bit thicker and heavier than the Forever21 version. At any rate–it is hopefully my one and only indulgent summer purchase; I don’t really want to accumulate any more light knits to take up space in the closet.

In the meantime, I hope you are all having a good summer (or winter/spring?) Where have you gone off to (or are planning to go?)